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I am social entrepreneur from Jhang, a backward city of Pakistan.
Our vision is to evacuate the plastic bag from our society.
Biogas plant solve most of the environmental problems, as fresh cow dung is dumped in the digeste
e-guard is small entrepreneur program. we are focusing on jobless youth.
Our project focuses on utilizing anaerobic biogas digestion technology to provide an accessible,
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Hosh media: Pakistan’s first crowdsourcing initiative that takes young online voices onto the mai
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Safe Living in Harmony with Nature adequately meeting 21st Century Challenges that is energy effi
It is based on a market based model where the poor pay for the product and services they receive.
It is based on a market based model where the poor pay for the product and services they receive.
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YONER-LIBERIA has been involved with Primary Waste Collection from households, and small business
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Paper Energy is a project of GADE Foundation to produce Ethanol (a bio fuel) by using waste tissu
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Building a culture of sustainability and social responsibility begins at home, with the people wh
we create Clean and Green environment through waste value chain and also create job opportunity
We create inexpensive, durable houses from recyclable material.
Use of alternative synthetic pathways, alternative reaction conditions (use of solvents that have
We process contaminated PET bottle flakes from all over Pakistan and use our customized, state of
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PAK-Energy Solution envisions providing in-house clean energy and income facility to poor village