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A peer reviewed scientific dissection of influence in all its forms.
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Let’s restore forgiveness to our vocabulary and to our lives.
Our purpose at Cx is to bridge the gap between potential and impact - at individual, project, gro
Pekish offers a healthy, high quality and convenient alternative to vending machine chocolates an
Young dads will have confidence and children will grow up in a safe and enriching environment
Sustainable Choices will increase community resiliency across Canada and empower youth at risk.
CatalystsX Developing emerging leaders.
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Our solution is to offer university classes in a community driven open-access production.
I would develop a database containing written and image items that would assist people making sal
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A Community Grant Continuum for the Columbia Basin & its communities within it, which will al
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We are building a website that polls people about their positions on local issues in order to get
Go Research (www.goresearch.ca) is an onlin
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SportsVille is an online village for all things sports, recreation, and fitness.
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Our solution is to develop an online wellness platform and on-the-ground engagement programs that
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The most difficult part of any behavioural change is for an individual to feel supported along th