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Ormanevi Collective empowers young individuals to become a land entrepreneur based on regenerativ
We offer an online marketplace to empower creators. It's like ebay meets kickstarter.
-Water Saving System allows to save up to 15% water saving.
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Green agents are the ones we all living things need to have for sustainable life on earth.
The cause of Titanic accident is an iceberg but this title is just to draw attention.
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This is an eco-friendly packaging design for liquids especially for drinks.
YP(GC) started to give consultancy and preparing the education program to create and support gree
We are working on an arts based empathy-building training for school counselors.
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Ciftciden Eve, is developing a marketplace site to help urban families with kids find local farm
The Builddesignerist publishes the feasibility and requirements for the project or organisation t
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Eco-Dolphin is a robot which cleans + recycles waste from the sea surface, monitors environment &
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OPMIWOHA+ (Open Minds, Working Hands) is a throughout model to enable young people establish vivi