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Principe is full of potential but has no efforts on education.
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Teacher Education programs in Iran didn't consider future teachers as health promoters in their c
We aim to implement After-school Program Frameworks to the mainstream Education System, to provid
impacTrip is a travel promoter that offer unique volunteer trips in Portugal.
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ColorADD is a universal graphic code whose mission is to enable the colorblind to identify colors
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An initiative that excels in its simplicity and strong emphasis on responsibility, autonomy and t
GEC respects and represents the needs, values, rights and opinions of each empowered girl on her
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Uma iniciativa que prima pela simplicidade e forte ênfase na responsabilização, autonomia e poten
A MAS é uma ONG que se dedica em exclusivo à saúde oral, tendo como objetivo a universalidade do
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When it comes to "Medicine", it involves “Life” saving, protecting, preventing, or “HARMING” of
Lors que les Hommes voient une difference entre eux -meme et leurs partenaires, les autres elemen
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We think that one of the best ways to prevent maternal mortality and improve maternal health is
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The issue of nutrition is the issue successful farming and gardening.
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A ideia deste projeto é desenvolver produtos digitais e convencionais para um público-alvo especí
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Create an educational program based on education through the environment.
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Live With Earth - Social Intervention, Education and Projects of Self-Suficient Organic Habitats
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A small rural village in the middle of Portugal transformed itself into a Rural Centre for Non Fo
Boa is a collaborative production and consumption community based on sharing economy and sustaina
Children in Swaziland with life limiting or life threatening conditions - and there are so many
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