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FairMail is a social enterprise producing fair-trade greeting cards.
Proyectamos películas peruanas sobre Derechos Humanos y Memorias a adolescentes y jóvenes en sus
Desde el Foro de Moda Etica Latinoamerica y la ONG Hecho x Nosotros buscamos crear un espacio de
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We can conservate the Peruvian forest through the Sustainable Fashion and the empowerment of loca
PROFIT INCREASES caring for the environment.
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We work with women, weavers of vulnerable communities, giving them income for the sale of quality
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En la AMSP queremos transformar el sector textil tradicional peruano y convertirlo en un ejemplo
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Kuchara trains the best agri-preneurs and tomorrow’s food system leaders while connects them with
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Trabajamos con tejedoras de comunidades vulnerables para que generen un ingreso por la venta de p
Awamaki works with rural Andean women's cooperatives to create internationally marketable garment
The project's main goal is to bring together different mini textile artisans workshops that are c
The Big Blue Bike (BBB) intends to protect colored alpacas which are facing severe shortages sinc
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With limited access to markets and unable to speak Spanish, Quechua communities in the highlands
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Awamaki creates economic sustainability for impoverished, indigenous Quechua women in rural Peru.
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Awamaki is ready to expand its fair trade initiative and model of economic sustainability to work
REdEESS, es un proyecto para formar una ONG de ayuda Social-Ambiental, como Grupo RedEESS tenemos