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Garbage Clinical Insurance (GCI) is a micro health insurance program which uses garbage as a fina
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Garbage Clinical Insurance(GCI) is a health micro insurance program which uses garbage as financi
Green Xchange where heartland socially disadvantaged trade off their recyclables for free medical
Sekolah Cherrya is an informal mobile school that concern in green education to create the agent
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Throw Me To The Right Place is an environmental education game that aims to raise awareness of wa
Trash Management and Marketing is handling waste through environmentally-based entrepreneurship.
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This project is to utilize farming wastes to improve smallholder farmers’ livelihoods and promote
E-décharge, combler le secteur formel et informel afin de créer une infrastructure plus efficace
E-junkyard, bridging the formal and informal sector to create a more effective and proper e-waste
PALMAE focuses on environmental activities and majority consisted of student of Faculty of Econom
Brenjonk Organic Village - integrated solution for rural food security, economic development, and
This program will help to reduce air pollution but only use small space.
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This is the work to combat against diarrhea incidences in eastern Indonesia.
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SMK Farmasi AMEC-Duta Global, Green Pharmacy Action Program, stop binning and stop flushing drugs
Modern day garbage or inorganic waste, contains toxic substances (ie,heavy metals, styrene, dioxi
Crowdsourching Pengembangan Jaringan Early Adopters Dan Sumberdaya Zero Waste Di Bandung Dengan S
Organized urban poor provides solution to forced eviction and relocation by upgrading their estab