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WomEng invests and develops girls and women in the engineering industry to shift the gender parit
If we are all part of the problem then we all need to be farmers of the solution.
We are starting a Green City Ranks Project in the Gauteng Province, starting with Johannesburg Ta
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Startup Mzansi Foundation is the answer to an increasingly bigger delay that’s threatening us in
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100% Green Tourism venue, offers educational tours to school groups and show casing various forms
Empower communities that have no access to common electricity.
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Establish a Social Purpose Venture Capital Fund focusing on early-stage investment in South Afric
We add value to spaces where the youths already play, perform arts, debate and come to see their
Addressing the Drivers of High Risk Behaviour i.e.
Footballers 4 Life is a national intervention programme conceived by retired PSL players and Matc
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Project focus: Unleashing the potential of youth in the Western Cape, by developing the Community
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There is an opportunity to use the 2010 Legacy to make a sustainable difference in the fight agai
Our idea focuses on the sustainable management and maintenance of public sport facilities, which
Provide football development opportunities for South African youth in Gauteng -, Limpopo -, and N
Marrying indigenous knowledge with business concepts thereby empowering women to fight poverty an
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Advocating,empowering & educating females about engineering through 3 divisions.GirlEng:High
An idea to focus Baby Boomers to volunteer on Mandela Day 2010.
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IkamvaYouth is a by-youth, for-youth non-profit organisation that enables disadvantaged South Afr