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CLARIAS is an innovative canning project.
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We provide complete renewable energy/ aggro export brokerage services including purchase contract
This project would establish a network of reach-out centers in rural areas aimed at providing loc
For poor women cassava producers in Nigeria who are stuck in vicious cycle of back-breaking labor
Beekeeping provides six products that are capable of generating income, reducing hunger and malnu
Agro-Solute is a platform that would revitalize the agro sector, It provide farmers (rural &
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Eco-Discovery is about the Environment and it's well being.
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Fresh Direct Produce and Agro-Allied Services is an indigenous social enterprise focused on agric
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Mushrooms are highly nutritive, low-calories food with good quality protein, vitamins and mineral
FarmBox is a solar-powered fish farm/tank that recycles fish waste water by direction aeration us
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Nigeria possesses large expanses of arable land and biodiversity, but majority of its population
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In EcoGreen Energy, We seek to promote the use and recognition of organic wastes as a valuable co
KITOVU™ is a farmercentric mobile application that uses data from an online database it interacts
The website tends to create a platform for agricultural information and marketing in Africa, it i
Engage rural women for picking Cashew nut.
This project seeks to establish an agripreneurship training center.
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One of the major problems in the food industry is producing processed foods without any additives
Classify24.com is an innovative and slightly modified online classifieds, b2b marketplace and bus
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1) Our project is a program to train and empower all individuals of any Gender on how to start up