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Clean water in Haiti simply costs too much.
HUFH is a medical humanitarian organization committed to improving the quality and sustainability
World Cares Center trains communities to enact their own disaster response plans, thus ensuring r
You want to donate to disaster relief but don't trust advertising on TV?
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Pacha es un modelo de innovación y dar respuesta a desastres que serán cada vez mas ( 9 billones
Ante la ausencia de servicios integrales de rehabilitación sistemática, los programas de fútbol p
En l´absence de services de réadaptation globale et approfondie, les programmes de football pour
Na ausência de um inclusivo e sistêmico sistema de reabilitação, programas de futebol para pessoa
In the absence of comprehensive, systematic rehabilitation services, football programs for person
Taking football – a game everyone likes – and using it as a tool for social development and empow
Driven by the belief that basic health interventions can save the lives of millions in the develo
An easy-to-search, publicly generated, data-driven application to monitor the activities and effe