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Local peer-to-peer micro lending.
Homeless prevention through advocacy, support and community integration.
Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
Mealshare is a brilliantly simple buy-one, give one model for restaurants.
The Soular Backpack is exactly what it sounds like - a backpack with a solar panel on it that ena
FoodShare is an iOS, Android and Web based application that will connect households, events, stor
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We make plastic waste a currency to alleviate global poverty.
Soccer de Rue Montréal est un organisme qui vise l'amélioration de la condition physique, psychol
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Outiller les centres de vacances familiales du Québec d’un parcours de modules d’hébertisme adapt
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La mission de La Nichée est de guider et d’accompagner les femmes enceintes, particulièrement les
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We are making plastic waste a currency that can be exchanged for the items needed to lift someone
Our mission is to one day see a world where every child has access to free education.
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A social network of sustaible/eco-tourism businesses sharing skills and experience to make the in
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I want to make clear that what I am suggesting is essentially a sustainable/eco-tourism network.
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Our work at Community Micro Lending is to implement the very old-fashioned principle of neighbour
The life chances of marginalized individuals and subsequent growth of the local economy are bolst
The CFFFS collects discarded flowers and plants and distributes them for re-sale in order to dire
Grassroots community drop-in centre opening with zero dollars, using volunteers, donated space, d
The Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association uses equine therapy to provide unique programs that p
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STEPS Forward’s mission is to make it unremarkable for students with developmental disabilities t