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TRINE eliminates energy poverty, using a crowdinvesting platform to finance profitable solar ener
Soko is a jewelry brand that leverages design, mobile innovation, and a virtual, distributed manu
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Teletext is a mobile technology service that is administered by COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION LINK KEN
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Not ln My Country empowers citizens to use technology and legal mechanisms to report, record and
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SMSVoices.com integrates SMS and web citizen reporting, allows multiple instances and is easily r
Increase the impact of local community organizations by fostering the creativity of local youth a
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“It is the nature of man to rise to greatness, when greatness is expected of him” [John Steinbeck
Tristart is an on-line evaluation tool for business readiness:
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WISERBridge promotes equal access to higher education by improving primary students’ academ
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Echo's mission is to strengthen the connection between organizations and the people they work wit
Electing our leaders is each and everyone of us constitutional right yet many at times our genera
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Corporate Duty is a tool that connects the state revenue collector and the National Labor Leaders
Northern part of Kenya is the most marginalized area in Kenya in terms of infrastructure which ma