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People running home.
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Create Your Voice is non-profit organization that gives children and youth, especially those who
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As part of school projects students walk in their neighborhood in search of Jewish history.
Once a week pensioners of different trades work in the external workshop with pupils on concrete
In many underserved communities, e.g. in Africa youth suffer from poor career prospects.
“Two ears – one tongue” offers a training for students (as from 15y).
We connect children in more than 100 countries for media, education and exchange projects: All ag
In our workshop, teenagers get the opportunity to learn practical, goal-oriented methods and comp
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Youth-LeadeR connects the young generation with outstanding young changemakers of today for acti
We are helping frustrated teenagers to discover themselves and their passion in life.
HochSpannung-Abenteuer Technik is a project for pupils where they get active and create their own
The YOS – concept offers young people, who as intermediate school pupils have big problems to fin
We empower students to realize their potential in vocational careers by reinventing the relations
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In Germany 340.000 young people are unemployed after having left public school, even so there is
Penny Rocker is a youth-empowerent program that equips young people with tools and support needed