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Benaa Association aims at empowering the Egyptian youth, to tackle the development problems and c
Educate Me is an NGO that aspires to redefine education in Egypt by Inspiring a nationwide moveme
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As an entrepreneur my idea will be a private psychological clinic for distorted people who lose t
Zad misr working on innovative healthy food products which solves the ever dilemma of eating food
Young ICT female graduates will be supported to get engaged in the labour market as entrepreneurs
Zomra Consulting propoes: "Women On Board" project
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This is a research enhancing website that will assist innovative and creative students with their
achieving sustainable development of human resources through education.
Qalb Kabeer is putting empathetic emotional development at the heart of Egypt’s public schools by
Youth working as one for a better future and proposing solutions for Egypt's crucial issues.
Chain of charity and financing programs designed to graduate clients from poverty and informal bu
ADAPT offers low-cost housing solutions for poor communities (also environmentally-adapted), by p
Youth LEAD International aims to engage refugee youth in Cairo on their own terms, in the small w
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My idea is focusing on poor talented boys,as we are a developing country and as there is a large
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Nafham is a free online K-12 educational video platform funded by advertising, Nafham is providin
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jobs for everyone , no matter who we are , where we are and what we are.>
Entered in UCONN SUSI 2013
Promoting civc engagement amongst volunteers through providing civic engagement oppurtunities tha