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In Russia, very few clinical trials are open for patient participation.
Major idea of our project: using Internet technologies to provide young people (schoolchildren) f
With 10% of the world’s active volcanoes, one of the largest intact sub-arctic wilderness areas,
The Great Baikal Trail Association promotes the local sustainable development of Lake Baikal and
Creation of a Lawyer’s Association to represent and protect trafficking victims, and bring charge
The idea is to use Health Care Teams to organize in governmental institution systematic work on p
The Great Baikal Trail will allow access to parts of Lake Baikal that are now beyond the reach of
The Public-Private Partnerships against Corruption Project has been implemented in Russia since 2
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In order to reduce the harmful effects of fuel on the environment, we provide companies and indiv
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Considered the problem of industrial waste water refining.
My project Manu, promoting the concept of ecology in Siberia (one of the most beautiful and impor
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The essence of the project is to help people get valuable vitamins, macro-and micro-nutrients wit
LifeCamp is the unique educational platform which empowers school pupils to make a conscious choi
Invataxi is addressing an important task for disabled
“A Brief History of Aviation” - the first in the world animated series about aviation created by
"Bumper" is a children's book studio on wheels. We exist to ensure that children love to read.
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Children without parental care in Russia represent one of the most disadvantaged groups in societ
Production of easily digestible protein feed additive based on poultry feather waste.