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SmartSHAMBA tracks, collects and stores agricultural data which can be accessed through mobile ph
Lightmountain aims at providing a cleaner, more efficient and cheaper way of cooking to rural par
BSF is a harmless, non-disturbing fly. By growing BSF using organic waste, we establish:
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Non dairy probiotic drink produced from cereals with a lot of nutritious contents will be used as
Fertilizer made from fish remain known as waste .
Multiplatform edutainment to educate and inspire Africa's 440 million kids to become sustain
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INSPASSION is a mobile application that helps students own their future.
Healthcare as scarce as it is in Tanzania represented by high maternal mortality, under-5 mortali
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A chicken farm is in itself a sustainable business, which generates profits that can be used to t
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We'll sell affordable greenhouses,automated drip kits and solar powered sensors.In the next decad
  We educate and inspire young people and women on environmental conservation and   waste managem
Soka is the most reliable mobile platform to stay in touch instantly with all that is happening o
Urban harvest is a farm dealing with production and distribution of tomatoes in mbeya, we are
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We utilize waste plastic as a resource to manufacture eco-friendly plastic lumber. 
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We utilize waste plastic as a resource to manufacture eco-friendly plastic lumber. 
The Solid Waste Management projects is an initiative that enables low income families to trade an
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An innovative approach combining vocational training in renewable energy, enterprise and job crea
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DiabetesTZ is an organisation whose mission is to improve the health & quality of life of peo
We sell refined petrol and diesel to our customers in Tanzania.