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Zeinab Al-Momani is supporting women's economic empowerment by founding the first agricultural un
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Tadreesna offers an educational online learning platform that creates a marketplace for instructo
The Middle East Fitness Initiative (MEFI) is a nonprofit corporation with 501(c)3 tax-exempt stat
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Transformative educational programs that equip and empower Arab youth to “think up the future” by
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We use the internet to reach women everywhere in the Arab world, to help them grow their small bu
We provide and implement a complete online strategy Social Media marketing,SEO,videos, Viral Mark
Exchange Tourism changes existing social systems and progresses towards more egalitarian, inclusi
The Business Development Center offers “Access to Finance” solution, perceived as one of the lead
"We Love Reading" focuses on instilling a sincere and deep love of reading into Arab children fro
The Abraham Path is a tourism route which follows the footsteps of the Prophet Abraham through 10
"Breaking Taboos in Jordan" is a project to create a platform for and by Jordanian youth to discu
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Think Unlimited is reimagining learning in the Arab world by turning classrooms dominated by rote
we have created a glove that allows deaf people to hear through their hand.
Woman to Woman is project in which successful female business leaders provide training and mentor
 I have a beauty salon and now aspire to develop this saloon to the center of beauty and health c
رفع مستوى المعيشي لذوي الدخل المحدود والمعدوم , وتسخير كل الإمكانات المتاحة لخلق بيئة تدريبية إيج
Khordda, an Arabic word that means scattered or discarded objects, is an imaginative and hands-on
Khordda, which is an Arabic word, means scattered and unwanted objects.