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The tannery will produce crocodile leather utilizing community oriented and socially beneficial b
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We partner with NGOs that work with vocational training for vulnerable women.
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Our vision is to “Fulfill dreams and strengthen the individual through including and sustainable
An approach that helps individuals to deposit waste and become shareholders and acquire rights to
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The Youth Entrepreneurs Network of Zambia-YENZ is a locally-bred, youth-driven, non-political and
Zambikes is a social business that manufactures, assembles and distributes high quality bicycles,
To be able explore and bring out the best of the vast agricultural resources in Africa and bring
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Youth led initiative designed to encourage & engage youth to participate in self-employment o
Kids Caring 4 Kids is a non-profit working to empower American youth to create change by providin
The Mobile Skills ,School through Microfinance, franchise offers a skills and education ,with vi
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We think we can't change the world,but we can try to help zambian's people to have a chance.Zambi
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In an effort to reverse the downward spiral of poverty and hopelessness in Zambia, the Hope for Zamb
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The goal of the Safe Motherhood Program is to prevent maternal deaths by promoting women's health
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Eliminate rural poverty in one generation without going through the carbon economy.
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The project involves working with communities through provision of microcredit, microinsurance an
This project seeks to empower patients and communities in the Mumbwa district of Zambia to addres
The COMRAP focuses on the most critical entrepreneur in Eastern and Southern Africa – the agrodea
Operation of a small-medium scale Fresh natural Spring Water Bottling plant under Public-Private
Kukula Fund I is a demand driven investment vehicle designed to finance SMEs in the “missing midd