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Theatre for a Change uses experiential participation to help support some of the most vulnerable
VillageReach is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to improve health by increasing acc
50% of premature babies will stop breathing at night.
Community health workers are playing a growing role in providing healthcare services in the devel
The most innovative and unique aspect of this intervention is that it encourages communities to b
Basic sanitation helps prevent water-related diseases that kill over 1 million children annually,
The urban poor in Malawi are being driven out of their homes and communities due to a gentrificat
Coach Kalekeni Mtalika Banda's idea is, through the lure of afterschool soccer leagues, to establ
Watercycle is a product line under Developing World Technologies.
We wish to address maternal mortality in Malawi by providing care to women during the perinatal p
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In order to increase the number of women who deliver at the district clinic and to involve the Tr
Bamboo Lota hopes to bring environmental, health, and economic improvements to poverty-stricken M
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 We are proud to have Africa chosen as host to IPC9, a biennial Conference and Converg
The idea is to empower interested partner organizations with ILUD/Permaculture design skills so t
Low income women entreprenuers driving the sanitation and solid waste management iniitiative as a
Only practice can make sporting a difference and not drug and alcohol use
Did you know that the cost for a bottle of beer can change society.
Sanihub aims to facilitate progress in the sanitation sector of Malawi through provision of busin