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Resource Education for Calming, Energizing, Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation is a non profit or
NCBI creates a more just and inclusive society by developing leaders who work to end mistreatment
PMP+ is a peer-led mediation/mentoring program that empowers students to positively enhance their
Our mission is to eliminate peer victimization among our youth, and to empower those youth to no
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Workshops in Nonviolent Communication help teachers and administrators 'give from the heart', usi
Together Against Domestic Abuse (TADA) is an organization that aims to bring awareness to domesti
Emotional "surf camp" teaches students the core skill necessary for empathy in a fast, entertaini
Conversations for Change is an innovative idea that involves motivating students to create change
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My program is a campaign that fights intimidation, harrassment, and bullying, by using the techno
Step into the world of disabilities through a Welcome to My World workshop.
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Le changement que nous apportons consiste à nous assurer que les enfants qui naissent avec un pie
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A Home Within is a national organization that provides pro bono mental health services to current
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The change we bring is to ensure that children born with clubfoot can walk, run, go to school, an
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Saving Promise is the first of its kind national domestic violence awareness movement that is pos
PeaceMeals promotes psychological healing through communal dinners focused on open, safe discussi
Homeboy Industries provides jobs and services every year to 12,000 former gang members, high-risk