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SeedOut is a non-profit orgarnization that is reducing poverty by emporwering poor through micro-
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To avoid the cutting down of limited trees, air pollution, smoke-related human diseases and schoo
Looking at the unemployment rate among youth mostly in rural area has increase poverty and child
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MiF Attacks Poverty Seek to provide a substitute way for a better living for families living belo
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Re:Coded transforms the massive intellectual potential of Syrian refugees and IDPs by using a low
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They come in all shapes and sizes. They are confused and dazed when they come.
QUO provides to the value chain a tool to manage, validate and record trade.
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Energy Poverty is pervasive in rural and slum communities of Chipata District, Provincial Capital
Orphanage Tourism is exploiting vulnerable children.
G-one Development foundation pakistan is being established while keeping in view the deplorable c
Noticias sobre colombia vs canada en vivo colombia vs canada en vivo
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Orphan & vulnerable children without parental care often live a painful life,nothing can tak
Crear para Alcanzar es una Asociacion Civil que desde hace ocho años produce materiales didactico
¿Que hacemos? Conectamos emocionalmente a niños de 0 a 109 años para aumentar el autoestima.
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Complementar la educación curricular construyendo espacios educativos-lúdicos (ludotecas itineran
GrowCocoa is focused on sustainably and responsibly securing the future of the global cocoa suppl
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SaveAChildToday.net is created to find and locate the missing children, and bring them back home,
En países sub desarrollados es común ver a niños en la calle trabajando o pidiendo limosna.