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Greatest value gets delivered via people.
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Le Mouton Vert, sustainable entrepreneurship contemporary wool textile design, has lines of cloth
ProNoV is the flagship offering of Opacus Tech.
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TRINE eliminates energy poverty, using a crowdinvesting platform to finance profitable solar ener
Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight.
The Haller Farmers App is an open source web based app helping farmers farm the unfarmable in Ken
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Alter-Art will enhance small-space living worldwide, promote healthy social gatherings for all so
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The campaign launch will lay the foundation for managing urban housing and real estate in Nigeria
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Upgrading to transform, to expand and to takeover the daily monetary thrift savings through the u
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Welcome to the Fashion Village! A healthy live-work environment for apparel communities.
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SmartSHAMBA tracks, collects and stores agricultural data which can be accessed through mobile ph
Indves.com is a online crowdfunding platform with website base, for ease Small Medium Enterprises
Solutions in habitation for the community and with community's wealth
Enhancing access to clean and efficient energy solutions through a microfranchised distribution n
The unbanked rural Kenyans join local savings co-operatives to access credit.
Freshmarte.com is a mobile internet marketplace that helps rural farmers to directly connect, mar
Bitsoko is an mobile wallet that implements blockchain technology in a bid to both remove the cos
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Optimum Potentials seeks to help identify the unique potentials people have and also help them de
This project is basically to training young graduate to make great impact in agricultural sectors