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CASSA is a company that designs and builds sustainable social housing.
75% of Guatemalan families use wood as a main source of energy, around 70pounds per day in open f
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We are a for-profit company that helps poor families to overcome the difficulties that arise when
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The rapid environmental deterioration and depletion of Guatemala's natural resources is unde
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Uncommon Cacao works directly with cacao farmers globally to deliver premium quality, high impact
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We create high quality, hand made glasses manufactured by mothers that live around Guatemala'
Plantemos 1000 Árboles is a guatemalan movement that since 2012 have planted more tan 25 thousand
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"¡Haz tu parte!" (Do Your Part!) in an Environmental Educational Program based on the 3
We give free job orientation, assessment and trainings to immigrants returning from the United St
De la Gente sells high quality coffee from cooperatives of small-holding farmers directly to buye
The Root Collective partners with small-scale makers in Guatemala to create handcrafted shoes fro
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Mayan Power and Light (MPL) educates young Mayan women to install solar power systems and creates
We were born with the purpose to sustain personalities that, with a critical and creative sense,
Se propone a Virtual Taz como un metodo de enseñanza con el cual la poblacion Guatemalteca por me
Nacimos con el propósito sustentar personalidades que, con sentido crítico y creativo, vayan ad
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Pigeonpea has greatly increased the income of over a million small farmers in Africa in the last
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