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FoodNinja envision zero food waste environment by providing solutions via different channels to o
Stand4 creates the most meaningful products in the world.
Design and implementation of a sanitation system for the informal settlements in the city of Cali
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Le Mouton Vert, emprendimiento sustentable de diseño textil lanero contemporáneo, presenta líneas
The first application that helps you measure your environmental impact and rewards you for lookin
Teach interested people good nursing techniques and given them the opportunity to practice, with
La producción de moda a nivel industrial ha acarreado problemas económicos y medio ambientales, p
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Kaléjob est une plateforme citoyenne – web et mobile - de diffusion des opportunités d’emploi
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The aim is to develop and test a prototype knitted textile system to harvest atmospheric water va
The transformational approach to waste management is the proposed project by the "Waste-Undertake
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When all the strategies to put an end to road accidents have failed, a new strategy has to be ado
Construir reservatórios de água, em pontos estratégicos elevados em altura de acordo com a topogr
Ahorro en el presupuesto de la familia. Producto único en el país
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Pyrolysium is a web platform for the promotion and development of pyrolysis as an efficient way t