Déjà vu – Mobile Talking Photo Album

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Déjà vu – Mobile Talking Photo Album

Strovolos, Cyprus
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Déjà vu is an innovative mobile talking photo album maker and browser. Can be installed in a Smartphone or Tablet with Android.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Due to the issues they have with their memory, people with Alzheimer need to be reminded repeatedly about the faces and places that appear in their photo-albums. However, family members usually do not have the necessary time to seat with them on a couch and go into that procedure, explaining the information on the photos one by one. Elders and people with Alzheimer disease often forget all the steps that are necessary for the completion of a task, operating instructions for electric devices, a Wash Machine for example or a recipe when cooking.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Using the Déjà vu product, the people with Alzheimer and other elderly people with memory difficulties can seat on couch and browse the photo-album at their own convenience and in a very simple way. The product’s mobile application can be configured to auto browse the photos and automatically play the narration sound recorded for each photo. Alternatively, the user can do it manually by interacting in a innovative simple way with the device, just by shaking it, to go to the next photo.
Impact: How does it Work

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Example A: Mary is 74 years old and lives with her son, George, who is not married and has a full-time job. Julie, the nurse that is employed by the family as caregiver for the periods of time when George is not at home, would like to keep Mary happy and active. Therefore, Julie asks Mary to choose one of her favorite photo albums (Photo set) and opens it on the tablet (mobile) device and gives it to Mary. Mary is then able to spend some fruitful and enjoyable time browsing the photos and hearing each photo’s narration. The latest tabled technology allows connecting to a TV set via HDMI adapter, thus turning the experience of Mary much more friendly and effective. Example B: Julie prepare a recipe procedure talking photo picture set. Mary hears the naration in each recipe's step and prepare the lauch of make other guided activities.The navigation in each step is easy and can be with a simple device shake or by pressing a big next button.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

There are other applications on the market that can be used as story tellers with narration in each photo like a presentation, but these applications are not focused on the elders and especially not on the people with Alzheimer and other memory-related difficulties.
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About You
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Implementer(s) and cooperation partners

G.M EUROCY Innovations Ltd.


Private company

Country where main implementer is located

, N, Strovolos

How long has the main implementer been operating?

More than 5 years

Please provide a short description of the main implementer.

G.M EUROCY INNOVATIONS LTD (EuroCy) is an ICT company founded in 2008 in Cyprus. The strategic objective of the company is to leverage social e-inclusion and innovation in Europe. As such, it is active in building communities and studying the dimensions of the technology adoption in working and social environments so as to achieve effective inclusion of young and healthy, as well as, older and impaired people. Further to the offering of development and consulting services, EuroCy has a very active role in European and National research.

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Cooperation partner

G.M EUROCY Innovations Ltd.


Private company

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The company aims at contributing to the social development and innovation in Cyprus and subsequently in Europe. Building on its founders’ experience from the wide participation in national and European projects, EuroCy provides high quality services both to private and public sector, ranging

Cooperation partner

Antonis M. Hadjiantonis



How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?

Research & Technology. Have been awarded the Ph.D. title from the Centre for Communications Systems Research (CCSR) of the University of Surrey (Guildford, UK). His doctoral studies were completed with the defence of his PhD thesis on “Policy-Based Self-Management of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks”.

Cooperation partner

Greek Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders



How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?

Μany elderly people use the organization’s services, so the products and services can be tested by a big sample of real Alzheimer patients.Their role is the appropriate consolidation and interpretation of the collected feedback such as to ensure high quality development of the products and services.

Cooperation partner

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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
Problem and solution
Which of these fields of Active and Healthy Ageing are addressed by your initiative?

Health literacy and patient empowerment, Prevention and early diagnosis of functional and cognitive decline, Assisted daily living, Independent living solutions, Social inclusion (intergenerational practice, work and volunteering).

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Please describe if and how your stakeholders (cooperation partners, funders, users, etc.) have been participating in defining the problem and developing the solution.

We believe that all stakeholders are invaluable for delivering a high quality product to the end-users. On one hand, the cooperation partners offer the design, development, and management tasks of the project, as well as, the requirements’ shaping and consolidation and the final pilot evaluation of the products and services.
The funders provide their knowledge in the field and organize the future updates of our products and services.
Last but definitely not least, the end-users of the products will give information related to their accessibility requirements and capabilities, for example the size of the picture most elderly people can view without problems or the volume of the default narration sound in each photo. Such feedback will give us the means to achieve the difference through small but important details.

Has your solution been tested in trials, experimentations, or pilot projects? If yes, please describe the process and outcome.

The application was tested successfully with elderly people with mild cognitive impairment from the Greek Association of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders. Both the caregivers and the elderly people can hear and follow the audio instructions given by the mobile application. However in noisy environments an external Bluetooth amplified speaker was required. Overall, the outcome of the current tests is promising and gives us the confidence and the necessary knowledge to continue towards developing and delivering the final product.

How long has your solution been in operation?

for less than a year

Please select the relationship between your solution and related solutions currently established in our society. Is your solution…

complementary (your solution is complementing existing solutions and compensating their weaknesses while not intending to substitute them)

What barriers might hinder the success of your initiative? How do you plan to overcome them?

The family and the caregivers of the people with memory difficulties, very often feel exhausted and hopeless and not willing to participate in a new experience through technology. We plan to mitigate this by giving them the message that their loved ones and people under their care can be a little happier in their lives with the use of the today’s available technology.
The elder or other family member maybe believe that is difficult to operate our application, our answer is "Please try our Deja vu - Free Lite Version".

Organization and funding
Regularly paid employees






External advisers and experts


Others (please specify)
What are the specific professional backgrounds and competencies your team brings to the initiative?

The in-depth technical knowledge of people (System Analisys, Software Engineering, Research skills), coupled with Industry experience and the unique professional methodology enables the company to successfully deliver. EuroCy is committed towards excellence and meritocracy and this reflects in the solutions it delivers.

Please describe your management or coordination structure in the initiative.

The company aims at contributing to the social development and innovation in Cyprus and subsequently in Europe. Building on its founders’ experience from the wide participation in national and European projects, EuroCy provides high quality services both to private and public sector, ranging from the design and development of state-of-art Web-based software solutions, to the study of application fields, analysis of business requirements, consulting for efficient technology adoption, training, change management, dissemination and exploitation activities.

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National public funding


European Union public funding

0% (An evaluation for funding by European Union is in Process)

Economic return from own products/services


Foundations and philanthropy capital


Single donations from private individuals


Donations from private companies


Crowdfunding platforms

0% (We examine the crowdfunding platforms)

Participation fees


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Target group, scale and impact
Which target group(s) do you want to reach with your solution?

- Older People (65+) with or without memory difficulties
-Alzheimer Disease Patients

Please estimate the number of persons within your target group (users, clients, etc.) that you currently reach directly with your solution.

1000 per year

In which local/regional/national area(s) is the solution currently implemented?


What is the impact on your target group (users, clients) you want to generate?

Make the elders happier and active by being included in the society in an active manner.

What is the wider impact on society you want to generate?

The society should make utmost use of latest technologies to make our lives easier, happier and better.

What are the impacts on your target group you already achieved?

We are already helping elderly ones nearby.

How has the impact of your initiative been assessed?

Experience-based self-assessment (you assessed the impacts based on your experiences with the target group), Feedback-based self-assessment (you assessed the impacts based on feedback from the target group without using specific methods), Self-evaluation (you used qualitative and/or quantitative methods to assess impacts).

Public information and strategy
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Mission and strategy, Organisational structure, Information on team members, Working method and 'theory of change'.

Please indicate webpage or contact for obtaining the respective information.
What are your milestones for further developing, implementing, and establishing your initiative in the next three years? Please describe 1-3 milestones.

Distribute a Free Lite version in 6 months.
Distribute the Full Premium version in 1 year.
2nd year Growth and expand to elders and especially Alzheimer’s community.
3rd year Growth and expand to general Education community.