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iBody Camp

Hinsdale, United StatesUnited States
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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iBody is a state-of-the-art 2-week summer camp for high-school students offering interactive programs with physicians and nurses and hands-on experiences.

About Project

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This project addresses both the need for greater access to healthcare by attracting future healthcare workers, especially physicians, to the field; and the need for young people to make better healthcare choices for themselves. With an aging population in the US, there is an increasing need for healthcare professionals. Young people with potential need opportunities to evaluate the medical professions as a career option, but often have no exposure to the reality of the professions beyond their own annual check-ups or tv programs. With a shortage of teaching facilities in rural American and less developed countries of the world, those potential nurses and doctors have no way to learn about the professions in a hands-on way while making career choices.

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The above need is met in a two-week summer camp for high school and college age students in an intensive, hands-on, one-on-one mentored, hospital-based program. Potential future healthcare workers are given the opportunity to explore careers in medicine, interacting with physicians and nurses, and observing real-time surgery and procedures. Many participants determine their interest in pursuing healthcare professions, some even deciding upon their specialties as a result of iBody. All students acquire detailed education about organ systems and pathologies that can be prevented by lifestyle choices. The project is scalable via both replication in areas with similar facilities; and via on-line participation in areas where such programs cannot be made available. This latter opportunity will have the greatest impact on international populations in areas where developing an interest in healthcare careers is not readily available to young people.
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The iBody program covers 9 consecutive afternoons at the hospital. Each day students receive a presentation from a physician/nurse team on a specific specialty. Presentations include information about careers in the specialty, anatomy and physiology, pathologies, intervention and treatment, and prevention. They proceed to a hands-on dissection of a related organ system. This is followed by an on-site experience which may be witnessing a live surgery or procedure where they are encouraged to ask questions and interact with the physicians; experimentation; working with simulators; or in the computer lab. The group is divided into teams, each of which is assigned to research and create a presentation on a specific health care case study or issue. The teams work on their project for the remainder of the day with an assigned consultant from the relevant specialty. At the conclusion of the camp, each team makes a presentation to parents and staff with awards given to the best presentations. The logical expansion of iBody, using available communications technology, will be to 1)replication of the program at other hospital both within and outside the Adventist system nationally; 2) record programming for later viewing at RCHEC or other hospitals nationally and internationally; and 3) remote participation through live feeds to students in locations where hospital/teaching facilities are not available.

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This program is unique among very few hospital-based medical programs for high-school aged children. iBody includes operating rooms wired for live interactive observation and participations; fresh bovine organs for hands-on dissection; opportunities to shadow physicians, nurses, pharmacists or administrators; rotating specialties each year; and insight into the health care system and anticipated changes. Small groups, advised by medical students, physicians and advance practice nurses do in-depth studies of an organ system or pathology and prepare a presentation on the assigned system, as well as a vision of where medical science will advance in the next several decades. Participants also receive personalized letters of recommendation for the colleges and universities to which they apply.

Founding Story

iBody was created in 1995 in a partnership with Adventist Hinsdale Hospital (Ah-)and the Robert Crown Health Education Center (RCHEC) in Hinsdale, Illinois. RCHEC was founded over 100 years ago as the nation’s first health education center, providing tours and programming for local school groups with age-appropriate health education. AH- was founded in 1904 and is part of a 43-hospital national system. In this program, students were able to witness live, interactive open heart surgery. The original experience was limited to students of Jr. High School age. In 2010 a more sophisticated experience was developed for High School and College age students and based at AH-‘s campus. Students learn through organ dissection, simulators, and live observation of procedures. Preventive healthcare, based upon the model of Creation Health, was also incorporated into the program. Creation Health is a web-based training and support program that emphasizes both physical and spiritual well-being.
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Hinsdale Hospital Foundation
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Hinsdale Hospital Foundation

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, IL, Hinsdale

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Operating for more than 5 years

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Social Impact
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The goal of iBody camp is to influence young people’s decisions about their personal health; and to interest them in a career in the healthcare industry. The larger goal of participating in this initiative is to expand the number of your people who can participate in this program through the use of advanced communication technology to provide both live-by-computer, and archived video of the experiential learning that happens at iBody. This would allow us to extend the program’s reach to young people who would never otherwise be able to participate.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

In the foundational years of the program at Crown Center, 700 students participated. In the three years at Hinsdale Hospital, 240 additional students were trained. Of these, 100% enrolled in college; 80% enrolled in science-based majors; and 25% enrolled in healthcare programs, including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy, and hospital administration. Students from the early days of the program are now graduates working as physicians and in other related fields. All participants have benefited from the education that helps them to make better decisions about their health and bodies. Experience has been gained, and technology put in place that positions iBody to expand exponentially in the next few years.

What is your projected impact over the next five years?

At the local level, enrollment capacity will expand to 200 students per year. A year-round presence in local schools including video-casts, live presentations, and after-school mini-programs can be established. Evening programs can be added for adults who wish to pursue explore the healthcare fields. On a larger scale, Adventist hospitals are one of the largest hospital systems world-wide. This existing network dramatically improves the ability to provide remote, web-based participation in iBody programs, as well as to replicate them in other Adventist hospitals around the world. The impact will be exponential, touching literally thousands of young people who will, at minimum, make better decisions for their own and their families’ health, many of whom will find careers in healthcare.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Barriers to implementation are all, at base, financial. There is a primary need to assign a full-time coordinator in order to effect the growth potential of the program. In addition, there are costs for the expansion of interactive technology. Adding medical teaching simulators is also in the future planning, entailing additional expenses. Some expansion costs may be defrayed through tuition from students at remote locations. Once the hurdle of demonstrating replicability within the Adventist system has been achieved, there is significant potential for development funding within the national corporate budget.

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The 2012 iBody camp this summer is our 6 month milestone. Improvements that are anticipated this year include wiring additional

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Task 1

Wire additional operating rooms, synching technology with new building systems. This will also allow for webcam participation.

Task 2

Enhance program content as above.

Task 3

Edit and archive video of surgical procedures and hands-on activities for future dissemination and the development of webinars.

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A year from now we will be planning iBody Camp 2013. At that time a full-time coordinator will be in place. Educational simulato

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Task 1

Fund and hire full time coordinator

Task 2

Obtain educational simulators. These are also on the agenda for nursing education and will be shared.

Task 3

Plan and promote remote on-line participation by one or more partner hospitals within the Adventist system.

Tell us about your partnerships

This program requires a wide spectrum of partnerships. We currently have relationship with local schools which we plan to expand in the coming year with more in-school offerings. Individual physicians and physician practices are vital partners. Community businesses and hospital vendors of medical and scientific products currently provide equipment and demonstrations for our students. The network of Adventist hospitals world-wide will be our partners in expanding and replicating this program to its full potential.

Are you currently targeting other specific populations, locations, or markets for your innovation? If so, where and why?

There are three other Adventist hospitals in our immediate region. They will serve as our beta test sites for the initial roll-out of remote participation. In the longer roll-out of the expansion other Adventist hospitals that have the capacity will be targeted as replication sites with the potential for interactive on-line participation going both ways. Hospitals without such capacity can have students gather to participate in programs provided entirely on-line. Individual participation via the web will also be available for those who do not have access to a program at a local hospital.

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

Adventist Hinsdale Hospital operates under the principle of “Transforming Care/Transforming Lives.” Its philosophy is holistic, treating mind, body and spirit as equal components of health. The hospital follows the quality improvement standards of the Studer program of operational excellence. The Department of Nursing Professional Practice office is applying for Magnet status for nursing excellence. The hospital sees itself as an integral part of the community, and offers many programs to engage our neighbors. There is strong administrative support for innovation both in direct patient care, and in programs that promote wellness. There is also a vibrant working relationship among the hospitals of the network, within which replication of new ideas and innovations are encouraged,

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We would be able to provide results of student research, and blueprints for replication of the program.