SHADE STANDS - Health education

SHADE STANDS - Health education

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Community innovation solutions, focus on education, health and environment

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Lack of health knowledge in cities is impeding awareness on key health challenges. There is no awareness on key health challenges facing the population, in areas such as breast feeding, cancer (especially cervical cancer), HIV/AIDS and even personel hygiene. Despite the severe lack of shelter, and its availability in some instances, the business world has not apportioned this shelter for the public display of health information for its educative purposes. Most public spaces have been awarded to profiteering companies who wish to maximise revenue for its profits. To improve access to basic health issues, an increased awareness is needed in the places available for the common man. The shades project, uses shades as avenues for health education while targeting women and men.

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My idea is to create Shade Stands' at key transit points in Kampala and other areas of Uganda, consisting of a purpose build shades, to offer shade. The shades would also provide critically needed venues for public health education to raise awareness of issues such as the benefits of breast feeding in addressing malnutrition and promoting cervical cancer screening for young women. This plat form will also carry other health education messages needed for specific areas of our community. 'Shade Stands' will offer vital protection, amenities and educational resources to improve the health and well-being of many commuters, but particularly for the elderly, vulnerable and mothers with babies.
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This whole project also promotes safety in independent living, healthy lifestyle at work and at home because of the messages against domestic violence, campaigns about HIV/AIDS, response to pap smear campaigns inscribed on shades and promoting breast feeding among mothers who trek through the cities and bus stops ot commuters in Uganda. People will get protection from ultra violet sunrays that will keep their bodies healthy. They will also be protected from the dusty roads and accidents. In addition to these shades, this campaign hopes to provide tree shades and will be an effort in promoting a better environment. Trees will give a refreshing feel to the community, and "green community" again. These trees will also help to trap the dust in the community and city, in the dry season. It is expected that at least 5% of women and breast feeding mothers who use the shades and are literate, will respond to the Pap smear cancer test, for assessment on status of cells in the cervix for cervical cancer. It is expected that more breastfeeding children, thanks to this project, will not have to wait long to be breast fed, within the ccommunity areas and this will be one step towards addressing malnutrition of children under 5 years.

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This project was at the time when Kampala city did noy have shades enough to give protection to populations against the ultra violet sun protection. There were just about 22 shades in the city. Ever since this project was publicised on CNN, an agressive effort by government of Uganda and the city council authority are in place to construct shade stands. In my interaction with the city authorities, I now face competition from Mobile phone companies, commuter vehicle operators and the business franschise. My major challenge is that these competitors have more money and wield more power. They can bribe establishments, I cannot. they promote their profit motives, I look at the benefits that communities can realise from shades. None of them displays health education messages but Brands.

Founding Story

My major inspiration for this project was the need to reach those who do not have and cannot express their needs for betterment of their lives. As a resident of Kampala who has been bitten by rain, I felt the shades project was my ultimate opportunity, to address this deprivation through a community intervention. But I must add that when we are exposed to other societies, we realize that there are certain vital things that our communities need, that we have not given priority consideration. I lived in Leeds, U.K. while studying for a Master's degree under the IFP fellowship and noted that in bus terminals, mothers had facilities for breastfeeding, changing, and washing their babies. We in Uganda do not have such facilities, even in the car parks. When we stay in our communities, it is very easy to see the challenges our people face, and opportunities like this challenge, is our chance to propose such innovations that can benifit peoplee in a multi pronged approach.
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ECODI - Uganda
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This project will provide the vital shelter and shades that are needed in my city. I was inspired by the range of protection this project would provide to communities, having experienced challenges of difficulties of residing in the city, without Shades to shelter against the rain and hot sun.
But above all, this is a Health education campaign that will create awareness about issues of health like increased breast feeding, cervical cancer awareness, HIV/AIDS information and health rights issues for persons in the communities.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

As mentioned my solution, which was well publicised in the Ugandan media, including CNN took the nation by surprise and the government plus the Kampala city Council Authority, were stampeded into constructing more than 80 shades in Kampala city. As such, one would be unfair to state that we lack shades at the moment.
I have already constructed 8 shades will health education messages, and more awareness is being created about cervical cancer and breast feeding for mothers.
Shades, as a facility for mothers to breast feed had also been acheived. mothers have a place to sit and breast feed their babies.

What is your projected impact over the next five years?

This whole project promotes healthy lifestyle because of the messages against domestic violence, response to pap smear campaigns inscribed on shade stands.

People will get protection from ultra violet sunrays that will keep their bodies healthy.
This campaign hopes to create greater response to cancer tests (pap smear). It is expected that at least 5% of women and breast feeding mothers who use the shades and are literate, will respond to the Pap smear cancer test, for assessment on status of cells in the cervix for cervical cancer.

It is expected that more breastfeeding children, will not have to wait long to be breast fed, and this will be one step towards addressing malnutrition of children under 5 years.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

I have already faced one barrier. The business world that is so rich has already come out in the past 3 months to construct shades, which fortunately provide shades, but unfortunately do not provide the Health education messages. I am adressing this by moving out of the city centre where their interests lie.
The city aouthorities are very slow in allocating me space for the shade stands for Health education messages. They ask me for bribes, which i do not have. I am considering diverting to work with the owners of the roads, the Uganda national Roads Authority (UNRA).
I believe i oughtto go rural, but my financial capacity is inept.

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Re-design shade design ( have one in place), to outshine the current model & relate better with council authorities.

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Task 1

Get space for constructing mores shade stands from Kampala city authorities

Task 2

Cosntruct 12 more shades in Kampala an surbarbs

Task 3

Review and follow up the use of shades and impact so far!

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Task 1

Roll out shades in other areas of Uganda

Task 2

Create a linkage of Shade stands education awareness and healthcare institutions, especially faciliteis for cancer tests

Task 3

Seek more funding for this project

Tell us about your partnerships

My original funding came from philips, the livable Cities fund project. But one business man who prefers to be anolymous has committed $ 35,000 for this project.

Are you currently targeting other specific populations, locations, or markets for your innovation? If so, where and why?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, i expect to roll out this project to other parts of Uganda. My target is first, Northern Uganda, which areas are recovering from a two decade old war. My focus here will be HIV/AIDS, Immunisation for children, Hygiene and worms reduction.

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

This idea is being implemented through coordination with the relevant city authorities, mainly city planners, expected beneficiaries, like women and health groups and local authorities (divisional mayors). This involves a needs assessment and discussion with city town engineers, leaders and target groups, to identify the target areas for project locations.

A discusssion has been made with Uganda cancer institute, ministry of health and women to get the best messages to inscribe on the shades.

A partnership was explored with Ministry of Health, Health education
We have identified the needed, local materials for constructions.

The project is implemented, with constant monitoring and seeking advice and updates to the sponsors.

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This is en environmental health initiative; We are into planting fruit trees, energy stoves, shades for health, eco- friendly toilets that also transform fecal matter into manure, solar energy, health education, conserving natural water resources and policy engagements on reducing carbon emissions. Advice and funding are welcome.