Children's Friends

Children's Friends

Omsk, RussiaOmsk, Russia
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$50,000 - $100,000
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The project is aimed to the children in hospitals who spend there a lot of time. Some children can spend months in hospitals, they get bored and they need society to communicate with. Also children are vulnerable to staying in such conditions more than adults because they need to be in progress all the time.

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Our project is going, first of all, to create a volunteering group which is going to visit hospitals and entertain children with some activities. Also we plan to create life-size puppet because children love big dolls.
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The project "Children's Friends" is aimed at the children because they are preferential in need of support from the side of adults. Especially when some of them is in the hospital for a long time due to some disease. For many of them it is hard to experience the time spent in the walls of a hospital so we’ll try to do everything we can for young patients to make them feel much more better in the conditions of the hospital setting. So, first of all, the project "Children's Friends" dedicated to children from hospitals.

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It's not a deal of business for us, it's a deal of creating a good project to invite to participation other interested sides.
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I'm from Omsk, Russia and I'm willing to make a project I describe in here.

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I am the representative of Children's Charitable Center "Raduga" in Omsk, Russia. That's not my first project but it's the important one because there's a eed to develope volunteering resourses.

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, OMS, Omsk

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, OMS, Omsk

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To improve volunteering group and increase awareness of possibility to volunteer among young people. Plus, making a good impact to society by helping children.

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We will face with such expences as:
- expences on transportation. Our region is quite big so we will have to spend money on transportation due to traveling around the region. Approximately 5 000 $/year
- life-size puppet. Around 1 000 $
- expences on buying toys, candies and other stuff for visiting children.
- expences on printing special T-Shirts

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James KITYO's picture

The Hospitals should welcome this. Since this idea is already established and is in progress, it presumes you have worked out modalities for corporation with pediatric units.

Tamara Panina's picture

Well, to tell the truth the project is aimed not only at corporations but at ordinary volunteers too. We have some strategies but we're seeking for improvement :)

James KITYO's picture

Great. I belive it will work. best of luck.