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Dragon Social Responsibility

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Dragon Social Responsibility aim to provide public awareness and direct funding for deserving causes and organisations by supporting our clients to add a social, external and non-operational emphasis to their activites, in return for the provision of our unique CSR services and benefits.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

To many onlookers current Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and some NGO/NFP organisations have drifted away from their original honourable intentions, with CSR seeming more and more concerned with share value and streamlining processes than social concerns and some NGOs/NFPs looked upon sceptically with unnecessary overheads and little transparency for their actions. Not For Profits are often uncertain that a business will follow through with their funding intentions, whilst businesses often wonder how their funds are spent with little feedback. This leads to rather insipid CSR programmes focused on internal factors with little social focus and a lack of funding for deserving and essential projects with funds difficult to attract or going to less deserving programs.

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Dragon SR aim to actively support companies with entirely new or purely internally focussed CSR programmes to engage with social and environmental projects external to their own business. These could be projects with a specific link to their area of operations or entirely separate. Before introducing a client to a project, the NGO/NFP will be assessed by Dragon SR on various criteria to understand its aims, sustainability and transparency amongst other factors to ascertain as far as possible how the client's funds will be used and offer certain assurances for the client, whilst the project itself recieves funding guarantees from the client. In return Dragon SR will then provide various CSR and marketing services to the client including Annual Report CSR compliance, regular project feedback and reports, Cause Related Marketing, client facing content for internal use, customer facing content for external use and support for their ongoing CSR and staff engagement activities.
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The end goal in everything that dragon SR does is to create awareness for and help support some of the most deserving causes on the planet, be they social, environmental, scientific, the arts or otherwise. However, at every point our activities aim to benefit the clients, projects and social awareness together. As part of our remit we hope to use the Dragon SR online presence as a portal to create awareness not just for the projects and the clients funding them but for social and environmental causes in general, encouraging open discussion and ideas and featuring projects and programmes whether they are linked directly to Dragon SR or not. This awareness has the added benefit of creating interest from potential new clients who would bring more funding. Once engaged a we sit down with a client to understand their current Social Responsibility activities and see how our services can support them and at this point see if their interest lies with operationally linked projects (a property developer funding a housing project) or entirely separate (an MD's personal interest in Women's Rights programmes). Before linking a business and a cause the Dragon SR team will personally visit a project (if they are new to us) to understand more about its aims and management processes in order to protect both the client's potential funding and also make sure the client is right for the project. Once linked with funding streams put in place our team use both new and traditional media to create awareness of the partnership and implement the more traditional client CSR services.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Whilst there are many CSR consultants in the Malaysian and SEA market as part of large international corporations or in house teams, most focus on what we call "Internal CSR" with only a small percentage of time dedicated to external Social Responsibility which is generally left to the company itself to arrange for better or worse. Of the locally based consultancies only one other offers specific Project Consultation offering to link their client with a partner project. Our most obvious asset is the experience in working on both sides of the funding fence, being able to bring both Corporate and in-field project experience to our activities, giving us a unique position in the marketplace when offering SR services.

Founding Story

I struggled for many years to find funding for community and enviro projects I was involved in. Then in spring 2012 I was invited to an AGM for a company in KL during which I saw a speaker from the HR department proudly present the group's CSR activites for the previous year and announce they met all the requirements expected for a listed company on the Malaysian Exch, but in my oppinion met none of the requirements expected to be Socially Responsible. Deciding to look further into this I found many Annual Reports contained CSR sections that counted basic staff training, the stopping of ilegal operational practices and in one case the increase of parking space size for management as CSR. The better cases shouted about the money being saved through staff and process streamlining. Only a small percentage reported tangible CSR activites that represented Social Responsibility. Understanding why Corporate funding was so difficult to source in SEA the seeds of Dragon SR were planted.
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About You
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Dragon SR is a new operation bringing together a small team of experienced experts from the world of community development & conservation project implementation and the finance and consultancy sectors.

With vast experience in both sectors from Europe, Africa and Asia the team includes specialist experience in, amongst others, assessing and implementing social and environmental projects, crisis preparedness, social and traditional media interaction, business auditing, on and offline content creation, CSR and business consultancy.

Based in Malaysia but with a scope that aims to include South East Asia and beyond, the experience of the team and flexibility of the business model allows the company to think beyond national borders in terms of client partners and project implemantation.

What makes you an intrapreneur? What are the skills, capabilities, and personality traits that make you an intrapreneur?

Having worked across the Financial & Consulting sector for 9 years & the Expedition & Social/Enviro Project Implemtation industry for 7 years, I've attained experience and knowledge from both, much of it transferable across industries, that gives me confidence and enthusiasm that the lessons learned can be shared. More socially aware corporates and more business like social enterprises, sharing insights and working together can make a lasting difference.

Unafraid to make mistakes but with (hopefully) the experince to spot them before they happen, I aim to make Dragon SR a portal for Corporates and Social Enterprises alike.

I'm driven to succeed but have an empathy often missing in corporates and I hope to convince others that Social Responsibility can be about just that!

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, KL

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, SB

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South East Asia, Africa, Latin America



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As it stands the CSR industry is booming, but in our opinion it has lost sight of the original premise of social responsibility being now concerned with reducing overheads, increasing profit and adding value for the shareholder to whom most of the corporate responsibility seems to be aimed at.

Dragon SR aim to re-align the focus of CSR showing that it need not be at the expense of good business practices while at the same time providing funding streams for deserving causes

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

As we have been operating for only a matter of weeks our impact has been limited thus far (though fingers crossed) but we have actively helped raise awareness for a number of organisations and causes through our activities and received vital support and great feedback from CSR experts and Social/Enviro changemakers alike, so we believe we are on the right track.

More specifically we are currently looking to support some of the team aiming to re-assess current legislation regarding CSR compliance for Malaysian listed companies which at the moment is very loose. We hope to be able to offer future clients more specifc advice on what constitutes adherence to future legislation and how funding through us can help meet those requirements.

A different example can be seen through one of our potential clients who hope to fund through us in order to help improve their public reputation in response to some very specific critisicm aimed at them regarding the environmental policies.

What is your projected impact over the next 1 to 3 years?

Over the first three years of operation we aim to increase from 3 to 10 clients, supporting their CSR programmes, improving the quality of Social Responsibility activities and helping to define for them causes which not only deserve their support but have long term sustainable and tangible goals.

We hope to support the ongoing development of CSR Reporting legislation in South East Asia, helping to shape what actually constitutes CSR and what should iare actually just general operational activities.

We aim to support through raising awareness and client funding 10 - 20 social and environmental programmes and offer those that require it advice on the various criteria that responsible donating clients look at when choosing a recipient project to support.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Current CSR Reporting legislation for listed companies in Malaysia requires companies listed on the stock exchange to report their CSR activities but provides little information on what those should be leading to a situation where hundreds of listed companies report a huge range of activities many of which have little to do with CSR.

This lack of lack of definition gives no incentive to companies to change their current CSR practices and may hinder our growth. To this end we are actively engaging business leaders and government officials to offer our support for and find out more about future changes to CSR reporting legislation which can be fed directly into our clients in order to support their future adherence to new legislation.

What is the benefit or value you're creating for your business?

As the company founder and Managing Director my influence runs through Dragon SR shaping what we do yet hoping to be shaped by the people I have chosen to work alongside me.

I have pulled together a small team with specific experience to help us grow into a fully operational enterprise, who mirror my own enthusiasm and passion for what we are building together.

At the moment our services are based on my experience but I will look to add to that with staff and partners that can help our company and services evolve beyond my initial ideas.

How are you leveraging internal resources (funds, time, knowledge, etc.) to support this initiative?

We are fortunate because the business model we have chosen has little by way of initial set-up costs or ongoing overheads during the formative months. We are a small team working wirelessly from an office at the MD's residence with a flexible working routine.

The two directors of the company are working without pay and are supporting the low overheads through external work until we arrive at the point that the company can sustainably operate without support and can increase staff numbers organically.

Until then all 5 members of the team (MD, CFO, Sales Manager, Sales exec and the Marketing, Conent and Social Media manager) will cover all elements of the job each selling, writing content, networking and supporting the company as required.

Expand on your answer, explaining the long-term funding and support plan.

The current small team can opperate and meet client service levels for the foreseeable future with the current projected client numbers and the Directors covering any initial financial requirements beyond that. The business model does not foresee a time when outside investment will be required unless the company is a much greater initial success than anticipated, at which point outside funding may be required to meet our own service commitments, especially regarding the assessment of new projects which would require further costs.

We aim to make the growth of the company as organic as possible to prevent overstretching our requirements and enable us to focus as much of our time as possible on finding funds for the recipient projects.

Tell us about your partnerships across your company and externally that are key to your project's success.

Key external contacts that will shape our initial success are the network of organisations and projects I assessed during my previous role. These "pre-assessed" projects in South East Asia, Africa and Latin America, covering community development, environmental conservation and sustainable energy amongst other subjects, enable us to have a ready list of partners that we can use as examples of responsible and sustainable projects when negotiating with potential clients.

What internal support have you gotten for your project? What kind of push-back have you received?

Though this question is not necessarily applicable to Dragon SR at this stage, I would say that the passion and commitment of my small team has taken me by surprise so far. One team member even quit their job and moved 7000 miles to help make the company a success. With that sort of passion on show I'm extremely confident about our prospects.