Floating Helpers

Floating Helpers

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$1 million - $5 million
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Healthcare for All. Free.

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There are billions of people without access to adequate healthcare.

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Starting with Panama's Indigenous Ngobe Population, using a phone app, we are going to provide instant medical aid and a medical worker as soon as possible. You can receive phone service in the middle of the rain forest. That means you can receive help in the middle of the rain forest.
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Sonia Abrego broke her leg. She lives three hours from a road and two hours by bus from the closest hospital. She has no money. Sonia's sister alerts us, we provide voice/skype aid as we get someone there. Using our GPS database, we can find the closest person who can help, show them exactly where Sonia is, and get them there. Sonia will be fine. And the whole thing was recorded so that others can access the medical information we provided in the future.

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Access to healthcare and communication are human rights.
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