High five to Health (free newspaper in the third world)

High five to Health (free newspaper in the third world)

GambiaBrentford - London, United Kingdom
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Having learnt across the years through the media, charities and most recently through the GSK Pulse programme volunteer, a large problem in Africa is that people suffering with HIV, who do have access to treatment, do not finish the course of their medicine provided. This is due to education and local traditions which the people have held for many years. Further, drs and healthcare profesionals do not have the time or money for education, I wanted to come up with an idea that would aid education about HIV and the benefits/importance of taking medicines for the duration prescribed. There are also many other healthcare issues that we can raise awareness to.

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My idea would be to provide a free newspaper which would go as far out to rural communities in Africa where it is most needed (thinking in London terms:- a newspaper such as the Metro). The newspaper would contain pictures as well as words to communicate key messages to those who are unable to read that well. Which would include clear and visually friendly information as to the importance of taking HIV medication, the importance of washing hands where possible, information as to where people may be able to find shelter/free food, key news information from around Africa and the world. My idea is with implementing this, gradually and over time local people will become more educated about the benefits of health activities and word will spread. It will also be a form of communication to those in local villages about other topics as well.

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I am not aware that this is currently inplace.

Founding Story

I thought of the idea whilst listening to GSK Pulse volunteers and their experiences in Africa on the programme, the metro was on my desk at the same time and I thought "why couldn't we do this for them? to provide a readily available, easily accesible paper for education"
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Hi all, I am a current HR graduate at GSK,
Having previously worked in Occupational Therapy and Occupational and Organisational Psychology, I am very interested in being part of making a change. I have also previously volunteered and worked with special needs children in America, taught in a school and helped to build and orphanage in Thailand,

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Hopefully my experiences, ability to think outside the box, communication and networking skills will help to bring intrapeneurial ideas and movement to changemakers.

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, XX, Brentford - London

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Throughout Africa


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One of the thoughts that I need to think about are connections that GSK may have, or other charities may have to work out the supply chain in enabling the distribution of the newspaper.

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It is a brand new idea to me that I would like to put forward to Changemakers.

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Over the first year I believe we could scope out, if a supply chain is possible and to where? to propose to the supply chain holder what we had in mind. Upon this approval we would need to think through where the office of the writers and printers would be - in Africa to also provide work for the local people and to reduce transport costs.

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Finance, I would need to look into where the funding would come from, charity or business funded?

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This is not in itself a direct financial benefit for GSK but it is inline with our mission to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

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If the idea is seen as an idea that could happen, or further exploration of the idea is needed I would then look further into how the idea could be leveraged. I need help in understanding whether the plan could be viable before I research the idea further.

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Either through fundraising or support from organisations such as GSK.

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