Solar Farms

Solar Farms

Enugu, NigeriaNorthfleet, United Kingdom
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable resource that can be converted into heat and electricity. Solar energy can become a reliable power source for World energy and cutting greenhouse gas emission. Our solar farms project will help the world find a solution to its two main problem Global Warming and Energy.

About Project

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Millions of people in Africa are living below $2 a day chiefly because of corruption and lack of access to electricity which should have enable them to manufacture products locally and cheaply thereby creating jobs for young men and women roaming unemployed. In a remote rural village in Africa, electric light ranked low on the list of the villagers' needs. A dry season will mean there were no crops or fresh vegetables for much of the year, a problem that caused malnutrition and sickness, particularly in children.Chronic food insecurity will be their first concern so we will developed a plan to install solar irrigation system The generation of electricity is the single largest source of CO2 emissions in the United States and China killing our world.Let eliminate Fossil fuel combustion

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Solar is the Solution. It’s time to harness the world’s virtually inexhaustible supply of energy and start building a brighter future. It is a promising source of future clean energy supplies Every day, the sun radiates sends out an enormous amount of this energy. Photovoltaic and Solar thermal systems are used to convert this solar energy to electricity. The service delivery and customer services we have packaged will be best in the continent. We have also researched and planned for local production lines for the solar products which in turn will help reduce the cost of the systems creating jobs in addition. Reducing reliance upon coal combustion has to be the cornerstone of any credible global climate change prevention plan. if we choose solar we don’t have to wait for a new technology to save us. We already have the technology and energy resources we need to build a sustainable, solar-electric economy that can cure our addiction to oil and coal and stabilize our climate.
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Nearly 70 percent of people in the African continent do not have access to the national power grid, and the 30 percent who do have access cannot rely on steady power. While the government develops and extends the national grid, they also have increasingly sought alternative energy sources-such as the Bishop Kodji solar project-to meet the shortfall but the major problem is maintainability . Example : Five years ago, the Lagos state government in Nigeria launched a solar electrification project at the Onisowo village of Bishop Kodji. The first of its kind in the state. The project was built to power water pumps, fish driers, and street lamps, giving the tiny fishing and boat-carving community's 5,000 residents easier access to drinking water, securing their sandy streets, and strengthening the oceanic island's fishing economy.Things didn't go as planned. "We don't know what's going on," said Azime Anthony. "It only worked for about three months, then it stopped. All the places where we are supposed to have light are dark and they never came back to try to fix any of it." This is just the main problem in service delivery in Africa but having been in the UK for over 11 years and see how things are meant to be done, the package we have will surprise everybody. We will set up and manage these solar farms in different locations to power the areas. We will install and own the system, have a power purchase agreement with the users which will include monthly service charges. With this, maintenance will be our number one priority and we believe that will be the difference.

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Our competitors in the installation,management and maintenance sector like setsolar in South Africa are there but the good thing is that first, the renewable energy is not that vast in Africa so there are not a lot of competitions, secondly and mainly, there are not such companies that we came across in our research that will be there with the users for the whole 15-25 years duration of a solar system live. The user mainly buys the product, get it installed and maybe taught a little on how it works and that's it. We on the other hand is proposing a situation by which our engineers will be on 24 hours call to any customer in need of repair or servicing of their system. When the time is right, we will be looking at vertical integration as the path to success in a competitive market.

Founding Story

Currently, between 80 percent and 85 percent of our energy comes from fossil fuels. However, fossil fuel resources are of finite extent and are distributed unevenly beneath Earth's surface. When fossil fuel is turned into useful energy through combustion, it often produces environmental pollutants that are harmful to human health and greenhouse gases that threaten the global climate. In contrast, solar resources are widely available and have a benign effect on the environment and climate, making it an appealing alternative energy source. “Sunlight is not only the most plentiful energy resource on earth, it is also one of the most versatile, converting readily to electricity, fuel and heat. After my degree in computer system and software engineering in 2011, we learnt in one of our modules about solar energy and i knew there is one thing that i can get involved in and it has the potential of being very big business
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Sonlight, the UK's based solar energy company, was founded in 2011 to design and supply solar energy solutions for the African continent. We are into solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, PV mounting systems and solar inverters and AMG batteries. Sonlight is a fastest growing and most innovative solar photovoltaics (PV) companies with offices in UK and Nigeria.
Founder and CEO G. Okoli established Sonlight to help in addressing the threat of climate change by reducing CO2 and also provide 70% of African without electricity and 30% with irregular supply with 24 hour electricity.
We envisage solar tiles on the roof of every building in Africa where there are abundant supply of sunlight, backed up by other micro renewables, supplying clean power and achieving deep cuts in carbon emissions.

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Having looked at the energy demand and supply of the African continent, I have come to realise that we are not advanced enough to handle the pros and cons of nuclear energy and fossil fuel is not the way forward. So because am from that continent, I have a knowledge of the internal and external environment which will help in making the solar energy idea a success. Am a visionary and willing to challenge the status quo if giving the chance. Because bringing innovative ideas to market within large companies often requires the knowledge and skills of employees from many different departments, I have the advanced skills in diplomacy needed to work in a team and the ability to drive multi-disciplinary teamwork. Am honest, cultured, observant and patience no matter what the consequences are.

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There are two solar system we have installed and are managing at the moment.We have generated our own source of electricity via solar panels potentially enabling them to live off grid. In other words they need not be dependent on the public utility companies to supply their power and they also won’t be required to pay as much as they paid before for irregular power.

What is your projected impact over the next 1 to 3 years?

Sonlight is in business for a purpose, to make a big difference in the fight against climate change using solar solutions.
Our mission is to become a global leader in the use of solar photovoltaics and solar thermal in buildings, irrigation and let more . We want to help revolutionise the global energy market.
The sun bathes the earth in an incredible amount of energy in a day, enough to power the whole world for several years. Humanity can now effectively harness the power of the sun. The 21st Century must be the solar century and thousands of jobs will be created in research,installation and manufacturing. A sustainable future is within our reach,in this generation. We are looking at the possibly of supplying and maintaining 20-40% of African energy requirement in the next 1 to 3 years

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Knowledge and overall awareness of the benefits of solar, ease of use, how solar can save money. Regulatory that is zoning ordinances, homeowners associations and other covenants prevent solar installations. Upfront costs or investment in a solar array is similar to “buying your energy” in one lump sum. Few homeowners have the money at hand to purchase residential solar panels in one fell swoop. Payback time or the Return on Investment (ROI) from a solar installation may take longer than most homeowners are willing to absorb.
Solutions will include the board education about the benefits of solar from school kids to legislators. The main solution we have come up with is metering which is when the solar system is owned by the company and users will have to pay what they used through a meter

What is the benefit or value you're creating for your business?

The price we are looking to charge for the service is one of the most important business decisions we are making. Setting a price that will be lower than the current energy bill of the user as well as been profitable for our company, finding that balance is the key to our business growth.
we have worked out the make up of this key which is knowing the difference between cost and value. the cost is the amount we spend to produce the product.the value is what our customer believes this service is worth to them. We have researched and documented our plan.

How are you leveraging internal resources (funds, time, knowledge, etc.) to support this initiative?

The funds so far is personal contribution of two people involved in the idea so for. That is more the reason we are out here looking for possibilities.

When it comes to time, skills, researches and knowledge, a lot have been put into these already. The limited text area in this entry makes it impossibly for us to even attach the less of documentation gathered so far in this our quest to push our world to look at the direction of sustainable and renewable energy for our ever growing energy hungry world.
This initiative which will be run using a starch card system for payment will be innovative , transparent and reliable.

Expand on your answer, explaining the long-term funding and support plan.

We are looking as a way for our long-term funding is to reinvesting our existing profits or equity finance. However, an alternative option we have been trying to learn properly because we need to be best informed on anything we are getting into is to raise money through bond markets when the time and environment is right.

By making use of bond markets also known as debt capital markets, it may be possible for our business to raise substantial funds. There are several different ways we can access finance through these markets mainly issuing corporate bonds, private placements and securitisation of assets. There are guides out there that looks at debt capital markets as a whole, plus the differences between these three options, and the main pros and cons of each.

Tell us about your partnerships across your company and externally that are key to your project's success.

There are two partners in the business so far. the whole operation aspect of the business fall on me at the moment but we are looking to expand and create a whole department like the security department to handle the operations. We are making inland in the overturns we are making to enlist the support and partnership of state government, then federal government, regional government and so on.

What internal support have you gotten for your project? What kind of push-back have you received?

Honestly we are really in the start-up stage as have just installed our first two systems, but they have been having 24 hours electricity supply and we in the process of installing 24 new houses around the area.
We are just starting up but the whole area and extending environments are on daily basis paying into the idea which is the main for us. The feedback received so far have been encouraging, we are looking to extend it to the whole state.


We are currently in the UK but the whole idea will be implemented in Nigeria, Africa.

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