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Humanity is my business. Make it yours - SpeakOut against wrongdoing.
The ignition and fueling of Moral Courage.
The re branding of whistleblowing and speaking out.

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With crippling corruption, greed and fear in the world there is a need in society to encourage the heroism in speaking out against wrongdoing. The existing situation is that individuals that have the moral courage to speakout or blow the whistle are sullied by their actions and they are therefore marginalised by society. Speaking out against social ills needs to gain enough workability and support so that it clearly becomes the new framework, the new consensus. This can be achieved through the creation of new pathways and tools - from new stories and ways of looking at things to new institutions.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The solution is to engage with public policy makers, social marketers and behavioural experts to transform the 'whistleblower brand'. Although this has been done successfully in the past in changing people's smoking habits through awareness and encouraging condom use for Aids prevention, I believe this is innovative in that the current issues regarding speaking out to halt social ills will not be altered by doing the same thing 'harder'. Policy makers have also failed in the provisions to protect and encourage whistleblowing. In recognition that the internal conformist is a stronger driver than the inner activist the aim is to create a tipping point whereby speaking out becomes a social norm rather than a personal idiosyncrasy.
Impact: How does it Work

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Blowing the whistle on theft, fraud, corruption halts the erosion of funds, often public and this in turn will ensure that funds reach their intended target for the benefit of all. Additionally, speaking out against environmental ill intent, medical harm, child and sexual abuse, caring abuses will prevent needless deaths, harm and abuse.

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I am not aware of competitors. I have many peer groups who support my desire to effect change but who do not have my own very personal experience of walking the 'moral gangplank' that fuels my passion and determination.

Founding Story

Post whistleblowing, I have worked really hard at attempting to understand why society shuns those that speak out and to change that status quo through education and training.
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About You
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As the whistleblower for the biggest corporate disaster in South African history, I have spent the last 11 years firstly seeking justice followed by developing strategies to encourage others to ignite their moral courage + to speak out in the face of wrongdoing. My battle has been for what's 'right'. It's been an exposure of much of what is 'wrong' in the world. It's about Truth or Dare or rather 'Daring to tell the truth',
The existing situation is that individuals that have the moral courage to speakout or blow the whistle are sullied by their actions and they are therefore marginalised by society. Speaking out against social ills needs to gain enough workability and support so that it clearly becomes the new framework, the new consensus. Humanity is my business. Make it yours.

What makes you an intrapreneur? What are the skills, capabilities, and personality traits that make you an intrapreneur?

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My willingness to counter social conventions and rely on my own beliefs to effect change to controversial statuses.
My soft skills: Endurance, empathy, determination, passion, articulation, both written + verbal. Motivational and a role model. Visionary, Morally Courageous. I know my own truth.
My hard skills - successful business ownership + management with recognised awards.
Financial Accountant, Lifecoach, Motivational Speaker + Trainer.

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, SRY, Godalming

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Most training and education in the ethics arena pivots around legislation and ensuring compliance to rules. My solution is to understand the social psychology behind human behaviour in order to create awareness and ignition to change. Change will be effected through both understanding in addition to social marketing.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Speaking arrangements internationally + training opportunities evolving.

What is your projected impact over the next 1 to 3 years?

Worldwide impact. Train the trainer internationally. Speaking out becomes a social norm.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?
What is the benefit or value you're creating for your business?

Value for the business: Global reach, Global impact, Social change. This will ensure long term sustainability through evolving with a changing world with continued opportunities for growth + development in the training + education arena.

How are you leveraging internal resources (funds, time, knowledge, etc.) to support this initiative?

I am time-rich, money-poor.

Expand on your answer, explaining the long-term funding and support plan.

The major part of an anticipated support plan will be via knowledge, research + synergistic expertise.
Funding would be required for the re branding of whistleblowers + any social marketing campaigns.
Additionally, funding would be necessary for education + training hardware and software.

Tell us about your partnerships across your company and externally that are key to your project's success.

I have many partnerships that reach across the globe + reside in the areas of research, academia, ethics, behavioural psychology, anti corruption and fraud investigators.

What internal support have you gotten for your project? What kind of push-back have you received?

My own personal experience of speaking out against wrongdoing is what drives my desire for understanding and change. Not an obvious internal support but a significantly empowering one!
I have received no push-back, only support.


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Are you a Hero in Waiting? OR Are you a Social Loafer?

Are you prepared to Speak Out against ill doing and ignite your Hero in Waiting or would you prefer to 'walk on by' and remain a Social Loafer?

To the Hero in Waiting: what fuels you to ACT on observing economic or social abuse?

To the Social Loafer: How bad do things need to get before you find the moral courage to Speak Out?

Humanity is our business. Make it yours.