Teach For Pakistan- Expanding Educational Opportunity

Teach For Pakistan- Expanding Educational Opportunity

Karachi, Pakistan
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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Teach For Pakistan
Teach For Pakistan offers a two year paid Fellowship for outstanding college graduates and young professionals to teach full-time in an under-resourced school. Currently, 20 Teach For Pakistan Fellows are teaching in 3 primary and 7 secondary schools in under-served areas. Inspired by their two years in the classroom, Fellows go on to become lifelong leaders working from across all fields to expand educational opportunity.
Millions of children in Pakistan see their future potential limited due to unequal access to schools and poor quality of schooling. Teach For Pakistan’s mission is to ensure that one day all children in Pakistan will attain an excellent education, enabling them to overcome socio-economic disadvantage and reach their full potential.
Teach For Pakistan seeks to expand access to quality education by engaging Pakistan’s future leaders in the movement against educational inequity at two levels:
•In the short-term, by hiring recent graduates and young professionals to teach for two years in under-resourced schools and enabling them to improve educational outcomes among their students.
•In the long-term, by creating a movement of leaders who, inspired by their experiences in the classroom, develop a lifelong commitment to tackling educational inequity.
The Teach For Pakistan Fellowship is a two year, full-time, paid employment opportunity. We believe that the best and brightest of Pakistan’s youth – graduates from universities such as yours – have the potential to change the life path of students from under-resourced schools through their energy, creativity and leadership. Through the Fellowship, we aim to develop transformational teachers, role models and leaders. Our Fellows will also develop the skills needed to become leaders for life in the movement against educational inequity and have access to Teach For Pakistan’s extensive network of Employer Partners and professional development opportunities.
The Teach For Pakistan Fellowship is a life-changing experience for the children in classrooms as well as the Fellows teaching these students. Inspired by their experiences in the classroom, our alumni will become lifelong advocates for educational equity. From fresh graduates to young professionals, all our Fellows are leaders in the classroom and the community, doing meaningful work, taking responsibility and challenging themselves every day.
While at school, our Fellows are immersed in under-resourced communities. As faculty, they interact with other teachers and the school administration to help improve performance across the school. As teachers, they interact with parents, inspiring them about the potential their child holds and helping lead their child towards fulfilling their potential. Additionally, Fellows also plan and execute a School/Community Development Project to give them experience managing stakeholders, developing project management skills, and implementing a small-scale project.
Beyond the Fellowship, our Fellows will become lifelong advocates for educational reform either directly through continued involvement in the educational sector or indirectly by advocating for educational equality through their involvement in other sectors. Our Fellows will continue to be inspired by their experiences in the classroom and the success of their students, and remain connected to Teach For Pakistan’s vision of ensuring that one day all children in Pakistan shall attain an excellent education.

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Too many of Pakistan’s children are denied access to educational opportunities that would enable them to improve their life prospects. Where a child is born determines whether he or she will attend school and whether that educational experience will have any value in later life. With limited access to schools and poor quality of schooling, our children are locked in a cycle of educational inequity and socio-economic immobility. As citizens of this nation, we can no longer stand by and watch this crisis unfold.

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We believe that in order to achieve equal educational opportunity for all, we must mobilize future leaders to work towards this vision from all fields and all sectors across Pakistan. We recruit recent graduates and young professionals to teach full-time for two years in under-resourced schools. Currently we have placed 20 Fellows as full-time teachers in 3 primary and 7 secondary schools. As Teach For Pakistan Fellows, teachers go beyond traditional expectations to help students overcome the challenges they face and perform at their full potential. Inspired by their experiences and their students’ achievement, Fellows gain the conviction that educational inequity is a problem that they CAN and MUST solve. As Alumni, they go on to address the root causes of this injustice, working within education and in key fields including policy, advocacy, business, and social development, with a lifelong commitment to systemic reform.
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Teach For Pakistan strives to achieve its goals by: Recruiting and Selecting outstanding university graduates and young professionals of all academic disciplines and career interests who demonstrate the core competencies to positively impact student achievement as Fellows, and can become lifelong leaders working to effect systemic change. Training and Supporting Fellows to be excellent teachers in the classroom, leading their students to achieve significant academic and non-academic gains that allow them to compete for better opportunities in higher education and later life. Prior to starting their teaching term, Fellows attend a rigorous 6 week training institute designed to build the foundational knowledge, skills and mindsets they need to become highly effective teachers in challenging circumstances. Institute is followed by regular classroom observations and feedback sessions, as well as needs-based workshops to strengthen Fellows’ teaching ability. Placing Fellows in full-time, paid teaching positions for two years in under-resourced government and private schools in under-served areas. Building Partnerships with leading businesses and institutions to support our Fellows and Alumni, enabling them to accelerate and maximize their social impact Enabling Alumni to address educational inequity by fostering the network between them, and creating clear and compelling paths to leadership within their chosen career fields of influence. Measuring Impact being created by Fellows and Alumni, and evaluating outcomes to continuously improve our program

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Many organizations are working on improving mass education in Pakistan including school networks and teacher training institutes. We collaborate with these partners to share teacher development techniques and to identify teaching positions for Fellows. However, these institutions compete for quality human resource and funding. What distinguishes Teach For Pakistan is our commitment to change a child’s life path through a two-year intervention by an excellent teacher, and our long-term goal of developing a strong movement of leaders to tackle root causes of educational inequity.
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Teach For Pakistan
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Teach For Pakistan

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, S, Karachi

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1‐5 years

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CEO Aman Foundation
[email protected]
Ahsan Jamil is a founding trustee and the Chief Executive Officer of the Aman Foundation since 2008. He has a degree in Mathematics and Development Economics from Reed College, USA. With a strong interest in both education and health, Ahsan holds a diploma in counselling and addiction alleviation, and has counselled at the Karachi Central Prison. He was also on the board of the British Overseas School. Currently he is on the board of Acumen Fund Pakistan(advisory), iCare Pakistan and Ecopack Limited.

Director Programs, Operations & Research, Sindh Education Foundation
+92-21-111-424-111 (205)
Mr. Kabani is currently doing his doctorate from Institute of Education from University of London. He has done his Masters of Science in Education Research Methodology from Oxford University, UK and his Post graduate in Islamic studies and Humanities. Mr. Kabani has been working in the Education sector for the past 12 years and is currently designated as Director POR, (Programs Operation and Research) at the Sindh Education Foundation.

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Operating for 1‐5 years