B&J Franchise

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B&J Franchise

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Extended support for local areas and the environment as a new part of Ben & Jerrys business plan.

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Two problems. 1. Diminish the environmental problems problems of transportation over large distances. 2. Creating local jobs so consumers start contributing to their locan environment.

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To turn Ben & Jerrys into a franchise, where the Ice Cream is made in the areas it's sold, from local ingredients. My plan is to start the first Danish Ben and Jerrys franchise built on the same core values as the existing entreprise.

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Ben & Jerrys is clearly the key partner Other Ice Cream makers are the competitors.
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Jens Vange

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i'm a KaosPilot student, studying to become a social entrepreneur.

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Products are purchased locally ( Less environmental costs, creating local jobs, products made from ingredients typical for their origin.)
The Ice cream is made locally, making consumers support their own areas.)
Competitions for making the best Ice Cream in the world where different areas contribute with their specialities.

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