Goals4life: Self Sufficient Football Academy

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Goals4life: Self Sufficient Football Academy

Nakuru, KenyaNewcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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Football, enterprise and entrepreneurship is fostering brighter, healthier futures for the youth in Nakuru, Kenya

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In Kenya there is wide spread poverty and in Nakuru District 41.6% of the urban population live in absolute poverty and 21.38% in the urban population live in food poverty. This is an incredible number of families that live in absolute poverty with almost half of the people in Nakuru struggling in a condition of severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information.

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We want every child in our project to be able to support themselves financially into the future. In Kenya it is extremely difficult for young adults to find work through Goals4life we want to be able to give the youth the opportunity to learn a trade, carry on in education or start their very own youth enterprise. This not only helps the child but also their family and community, leading to wider economic development in Nakuru.

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We have learnt from leading football development organisations of the power that football has to help youths in different areas of their lives and have incorporated their knowledge and expertise into our existing programmes. What Goasl4life does is build on some of the core methodologies of youth development through football benefits has on the well-being of kids, in conflict resolution, youth leadership skills, community engagement, health education and we have also added our own unique programmes to help the youths gain financial security. The building that we are going to house our enterprises is located in an estate of over 200 houses and is a 20 minute walk from the nearest cyber café so we have plenty of scope for customers and little competition.
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My name is Nathan Bye. Three years ago I travelled to Cameroon to coach football with an African charitable football academy (AVFAL) The academy was doing amazing work with disadvantaged youths in the region We use football as ‘a hook’, to bring in boys and girls into the academy due to football popularity in Kenya and through the power of football teach the youth.
• Inclusion,
• Teamwork,
• Self respect,
• Health education,
• Youth rights,
• Social responsibility for the community and the environment.

The charity was struggling to run due to having no finances and materials and at times had to stop running completely due to these difficulties.

My time with the academy changed my life forever and I realised what a transforming effect football can have on the lives of kids in the emerging world.

I returned home and set up a charity to help the football academy and a local orphanage. Since then our charity has worked extensively with youth development through football and have come up with a revolutionary football development football programme that challenge the problems that youths in Cameroon and Kenya face in their lives and offers them the chance to be the architects of their own destinies.

I have seen kids with social and behavioural problems turn into captains of their teams and kids that no one thought could be taken away from a life of drugs and crime turn into role models for fellow youth to turn their lives around. This was all done with the support of materials, funding and volunteers from our charity and it is something that I am proud of.

Strong leadership for me is about providing the framework for making change possible and getting your team to crash through every barrier that gets put in your way to achieving this. Also I try to inspire other people to get involved in helping the kids in our projects; if everyone just does a little it goes a long way.

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, NET, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

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, RV, Nakuru

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Challenge wants to move away from aid dependency to enterprise. We do not want to view the poor as recipients of charity but acknowledge them as agents of change; with dignity and the capacity and creativity to bring themselves out of poverty. We work with a Community Driven Development approaches (CDD) that enables our partners AVFAL to be able to assess local needs and problems and manage their own resources.

In Nakuru we have a building that we plan to use to run enterprises from, these enterprises include a cyber cafe, gardening services, taxi services, electronics shop, video games den and a cinema. The building is located in an estate of over 200 houses and is a 20 minute walk from the nearest cyber café so we have plenty of scope for customers. All we need now is to acquire the equipment needed to set up the enterprises and the start up loans to get the enterprises off the ground. Once this is complete the Goasl4life programme will be self-sufficient.

The funds generated by the enterprises will be able to provide enough funds to sustain the Goals4life programmes to run the football league and cups and the
• Educational scholarships programme,
• Vocational training programme,
• ‘Peer to Peer’ Youth leadership training programme,
• HIV/AIDS education,
• Entrepreneur Training,
• Micro-loans for youth enterprises.

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Operating for 1-5 years

Social Impact
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We have started the 'Challenge Youth League' in Nakuru. It is the first youth football league to be run in Nakuru, which is astonishing since Nakuru is the fourth biggest town in Kenya. In light of the ethnic tensions, poverty, unemployment, health threats this league can reach out to thousands of youth within the town to enhance their lives. The scope for the Goasl4life programmes are huge; through the power of football it enables us to reach thousands of the kids in the region in a fun and engaging way. The transforming effects this will have of the youths in Nakuru will be colossal.

Our impact to date is measured on our achievements of mobilising the football community in Nakuru to form the youth league and having the support of local government and football federation of Kenya

What barriers might hinder the success of your business? How do you plan to overcome them?

The participatory nature of the project requires older youth to help in the running of the enterprises. With the income generated by the enterprise going to Goals4life programmes it is imperative that we have help in the running of the enterprises.

Solution: The positions are open to the older participants the football league and there will be a reward system of priority on the Goals4life programmes to the youth that give up their time to help run the enterprises.

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

The beauty of the project is that once the enterprises are set up the money generated from these with fund the Goals4life programmes.

We know that given the tools our youth will be able to bring themselves out of poverty. Our micro-credit scheme enables youth that have participated in our entrepreneurial or vocational training to be able to apply for micro-credit loans to start their own enterprise which they will then repay when they are earning money. The money can then be loaned out again to further enterprises, tradeswoman/man and the cycle continues.

Our youth also participate in the local community and with environmental protection activities. Helping people in need and the local environment.

Awareness & learning
How do you see social entrepreneurship contributing to the improvement of developing countries?

Social entrepreneurship is the fabric of change in the emerging world today. From my personal experiences I have seen passion, innovation, resilience and genius in grass-root projects that are changing the lives of people in their regions. The spirit of resourcefulness and creativity is upon us; in our modern day world of globalised communications and information people are becoming aware of their own potentiality. All the emerging world lack is the tools to be able to make their dreams a reality.

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

I love to get involved charitable projects and I am sure I would have some wonderful experiences if I volunteered in Uganda. I love meeting new people, and learning about new cultures and what I find most rewarding is when you get welcomed into the culture and you can help in any little way you can. The most challenging aspect for me in Africa (that somehow always happens to me) is when I am asked to dance, this is a talent I am not blessed with and it usually results in great amusement for everyone else.