Nature Quests

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Nature Quests

Valby, Denmark
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for profit
$1,000 - $10,000
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Empowering change makers by providing them with a setting to reconnect with their personal essence.

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Western culture has become increasingly removed from the natural world. The result is an inability to see the interrelatedness of global environmental issues as well as the role we each play as co-inhabitants of the planet.

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Stepping into nature is a powerful way to reconnect to the fundamental natural part of ourselves. To realize that we are one with the natural world and that our actions are expressions of our world view. Retreating alone in wild nature provides a powerful opportunity to step back and reflect on your life and work. It opens up to an experience of a deep relationship with the natural world that infuses us with perspective.

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Several organizations practice hosting nature quests around the globe, but none are based in Denmark. Since reconnecting to the natural world is of universal important we feel that setting something up that has this at its core in Denmark is a blue ocean for us.
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I'm a global citizen with Danish and American parents, I have lived and traveled all parts of the world and I have a tremendous passion for nature. I've been educated at an institution called the KaosPilots in Denmark which has opened my eyes to my ability to influence the world through projects and business and Get WiLD is an expression of my drive for social change for the benefit of the environment.

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Get WiLD

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, CC, Valby

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The solo in nature is at the core of the training. It creates a setting for you to relax, balance yourself and establish a deeper understanding of your inner and outer nature. Before and after the solo you will be engaged in group processes with your co-participants, campfire dialogs and meditation practices to deepen your experience and gain insight into the unfolding process of embodying your authentic leadership.
The program will give you the opportunity to enhance your awareness by practicing mindfulness both individually and through guided meditation. As Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of thinking that created it”. The newly acquired clarity and connectedness that arises from this experience is an invaluable gift for life.

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Operating for 1-5 years

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We measure it in the feedback we get:

“I have felt extremely calm since the retreat. Walking in my own pace I have felt like a rock in a river. Everyone else pouring by me in a high, stressed pace and me moving slowly forward; like a glacier.”
- Marcus Degerman, participant in 2011

“Life-changing. The quest sent me on a journey of becoming someone
else (or something so much more) than I was before.“
- Casper Bek, participant in 2010

“Slowing down the mind and letting the answers come without effort, and from a deeper source is a skill that only very few master but so many need.”
- Rowan Simonsen, participant in 2009

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We find it hard to communicate the value of the experience to people that aren't already looking for this type of experience. As such, our biggest challenge is by far to put words on the value gained from a nature quest and the clarity and personal power it sets free to connect to yourself at a deeper level than what we normally do when we are in the midst of our busy lives.

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

Our nature quests are focused on enhancing people's leadership capacities by giving them greater clarity about their individual strength and drive. It does this while conveying - on an emotional level - the interdependance of humans and the natural world. This provides a powerful setting for unleashing creative energy that can drive social change.

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What a question!

Local, community based initiatives are by far the most socially resillient and are usually the ones most in tune with local needs. Entrepreneurship is really just a word to express the bridge between blank pages and the formation of such local, community based initiatives. More idealogically speaking entrepreneurship also balances out corporate interests when succesful which moves initiative down into the hands of the people. I believe this to be a good thing.

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

Learning from the hands of those who have become entrepreneurial under conditions so different than my home turf. I admire the perservearence required to see initiatives grow in all circumstances and I believe there's a lot for me to learn form seeing it play out in such a different context.