Novocome: A New Beginning

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Novocome: A New Beginning

Arnhem, NetherlandsArnhem, Netherlands
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'Novocome: A new beginning'. Providing mental health care while trying to improve quality of care and reduce financial costs of care.

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As I previously mentioned, I feel like I'm on a mission to improve the quality of life. We are currently living in a world in which we tend to focus on materialistic things. This hasn't brought us the amount of happiness we've been looking for though, and what I want people to realize is exactly that. Now, I do realize that in the field of mental health care, what I just pointed out isn't necessarily a 'new idea'. But, the mental health care system in our country is slowly deteriorating, to the point where therapists and social workers can not truly focus on their clients anymore. This is due to increased work stress; employees in this sector need to see more and more clients each day. This decreases their effectiveness and therefore their quality of care.

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To improve effectiveness and quality of care, I want to provide clients with online therapy (via Skype or another medium) and a website with client login (where clients can find all their client information, keep track of their therapeutic process and the progress they made, homework assignments which they can fill in online and send to me, etc.). I will also be able to post short messages on the client's page, as to motivate them for therapy and so on. I basically see endless possibilities here. This could really add to the effectiveness of therapy but also to the quality of care. Clients will feel like the therapist is truly involved with their ongoing therapeutic process, even outside of the 'face-to-face' therapy sessions. I see this as an extra service towards clients. Bigger organisations don't provide services like this because of their focus on generating more and more profit. In my opinion they seem to lose track of the real purpose of their organisation; helping people.

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Within the area of mental health care, there is a growing tendency to implement internet applications and provide clients with online support. Mainly, those organisations who provide services like this will be my main competitors. First of all, I'd like to provide my clients with a website where they can login to their own 'profile'. This I think sets me apart from other organisations. My organisation will be more private, not as big as others which leads me to provide individual care where needed. Also, I wish to regularly conduct scientific research on my interventions and methods, which will make my organisation more effective in the end. Other organisations barely do this, while I think effectiveness is very important; it adds on to quality of the care provided.
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The Netherlands

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Entrepreneurship has always been one of the most common things in the world to me, as I was born and raised within a family that owned a family business. This might've made me the person that I am today; ambitious, not scared of takings risks, and truly enjoying the freedom of owning your own business. Up until now, my mom and I owned a small business as well, in kids party supplies. But since I've started studying clinical psychology at our local university a few years ago, my heart was mostly with helping people during their lives, with obstacles they encounter. This is my true passion, it's where my heart is. I believe the world can become a better and more peaceful place, if the people who live in it learn to handle their problems better and open up their hearts to others more. Nowadays, our society is based mostly on materialism. I think it's obvious that this 'focus' causes people to 'wander off' at a certain point in their lives; they forget how to enjoy life to the fullest and how to love not only others but also themselves. I refuse to go along in our materialistic world where, due to the economical crisis, it became close to impossible to do what I'm best at; helping others.

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On our website, clients would be able to login to their own 'client profile'. Here they can find information related to their treatment, perhaps a graph showing their progress (for some mental disorders such as Trichotillomania, this can be made possible), they'll be able to find homework assignments on the site as well. This is environment- friendly as well since we won't have to print out assignments and use paper. Clients will be able to keep track of everything what's going on within the therapy sessions, they can easily share with their partner too (if they'd want to). My experience is, that there's a lot of clients who 'forget their assignments' or 'lose the papers' and therefore slowing the therapeutic process. So this way, we'll also be able to control this part of the therapeutic process more easily. Second; we'll provide online therapy either via Skype or another medium. What would also be nice about the website with client login, is that I (as a therapist) would be able to leave some clients short messages to keep them motivated, or send them reminders on their assignments. The effectiveness of this hasn't been researched yet but I do believe that if you provide clients with the most as possible, it'll make it easier for them to cross that line and actually motivate themselves to address and really work on their problems. I truly want the best care and services for my clients, and if my organisation can be set up the way I want it to, it can both be good quality-wise and environment-friendly as well. Also, to improve effectiveness and quality of care even further, I want to set up a group for therapists and have monthly or two-weekly 'online gatherings' via Skype, to serve as professional intervision. This can really contribute to the knowledge of therapists and can cause some creative solutions to arrise.

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Operating for less than a year

Social Impact
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Since my organisation isn't fully set up yet, it couldn't have made social impact yet. But up until now, some collegues and people at work told me I'm very much involved with my clients. And therefore, I do believe that I'm the right person to set up this organisation. I consider myself to be an involved person as well, I'm ambitious, striving to do things the right way. And I won't stop unless I've achieved my goal, which is setting up this organisation and make it as effective, 'green' and amazing as I need it to be. I won't settle for less, no matter how many years it will take me to get there. My heart is with people in need and with those who feel 'stuck in life'. And I happen to have the right education for it, so I will continue doing this until I HAVE made social impact.

What barriers might hinder the success of your business? How do you plan to overcome them?

Finances; other mental health care organisations experience problems in this area already, my business might have more problems with it. Therefore, I wish to set up a professional website that has member access to it. This way, clients may engage in therapy sessions online (e.g. via Skype), keep track of their therapeutic process, do their 'homework' online etc. By using the internet, I'll be able to help people across the world. If I can reach more people this way, and use the internet as my main medium, AND improve sustainability I can successfully reduce financial costs.

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

As for financial security; it isn't that big of a risk to set up this organisation the way I want it. I can slowly keep investing in it until I have set up everything the way it needs to be. I still live at home, so I don't have a lost of monthly expenses yet, which is convenient in this case. So obviously, it all depends on how fast I can earn money from now on, so that I can invest in my own organisation. At the moment this is going a bit slow, but I have faith in it and I'm barely taking a financial risk by setting up this organisation anyways. I wish for my organisation to be less commercial than most others and I want the focus to be on effectiveness and quality of care. But of course, I need to generate income from it too. Most organisations charge clients per session, and one session take around 45 minutes. I want to do the same, but charge less because the charges per hour are crazy these days. People can't afford it anymore, which makes them avoid mental health care when they can. I want to contribute to the quality of healthcare by lowering my costs, so people would hopefully ask for help sooner. To develop partnerships I will have to talk to e.g. physicians. Make sure people around the area know about us, maybe get a newspaper article (would be ideal!), google addwords. I need to promote our organisation as much as I possibly can. Obviously, we're aiming for social impact and to really make a change.

Awareness & learning
How do you see social entrepreneurship contributing to the improvement of developing countries?

This concept I have in mind might become more and more generally accepted by society. If it does, I think it can certainly improve mental health care in developing countries. There's still a lot of work to be done in developing countries when it comes to mental health care. There should be more psychological education in a lot of countries, and I do still have this dream that one day I may contribute to the mental health care in developing countries as well. Providing people with e-mental health is getting more popular these days. And since everything on the internet is accessable to anyone around the world, it could turn out to be really useful and effective in reaching people in developing countries. This way, they can improve their knowledge of psychological and mental problems, and especially the relationship between physical and mental health problems. There's still a lot of room for improvement, when it comes to this.

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

I would be really excited to go to Uganda and work with local farmers. It will truly make me think about how to create sustainable projects and I also think that it will make me even more motivated and eager to set up our mental health care organisation the way I have it in mind. I think it can be inspiring to get into contact with people who think about sustainability every day and I hope it'll have a great impact on me as a person. I've always felt like contributing to the world in one way or another, and the topic of sustainability has always kept me busy in my head. But I must also admit; I don't have as much knowledge on it as I would want to have. Uganda will hopefully lead to an increase in my knowledge on sustainability, and cause me to come up with creative solutions and ways to increase sustainability within our organisation as well. This is what I hope for and what will certainly be most challenging and rewarding to me.