People's Corp - Screw Profit

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People's Corp - Screw Profit

United StatesKranj, Slovenia
$50,000 - $100,000
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Publicly owned, not-for-profit retail stores with food and everyday products.

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I want that people themslefs are getting involved intp changing the way profit is shared. Whith my concept we can help those close and below powerty with more accesible (chepaer) everyday products and we can also help to our local community producers to keep them running and employing.

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My idea is that we have to create totally new and our own (peoples) economy, such an economy that will be independent from existing corporations that are profit driven. It is even not so difficult. We just have to do it.. Every local community should establish new not-for-profit company with as much people possible as founders with small shares. Imagine, in Slovenia we have only 2 mio population, if 500.000 of them would participate 50 EUR a company with 25 mio EUR capital is born. This new Peoples Corp. should has priorities. First to help those living under or close to the line of poverty. A small, simple retail shops can be established easily where product would be sold with no or very little margin. Second priority is that majority of the products should be purchased only from local community producers - this will help keeping them alive and create more jobs.

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Market are all people with under average family incomes. No competitors yet at this level.
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, Kranj

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Invite all people to participate in collecting funds to found a company. Everybody becomes shareholder.
Company establish very simple/basic retail stores for every-day products that every family need. First company source the product from local producer and opreate with MINIMUM gross margin. Later company can start also with production of certain products and also create jobs.
Because gross margin will be at minunum level, such retaile stores will offer bread, pasta and similar every day products/food for much affordable price then current retailers. This will help to the poor people.

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Operating for less than a year

Social Impact
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Project is not yet active. It can heve huge impact on the way how we see economy.

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Those with capital and profit interest can undermine the project and fight with it not to happen. Strong community can overcome this.
Lack of startup capital to present the project to public in a way that it will offer a trustfull model. We are searching for a startup investor to prepare all the marketing materials in a proper way.

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

We will not be a profit driven organisation. Gross margin on a products level will only cover the organisational costs.

Awareness & learning
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It is the only type of business htat can help to solve all those issues.

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I can't wait to hear all those great ideas that will be spoken there.