Preventing Teenage Crime

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Preventing Teenage Crime

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Preventing teen crime is a topic that nationally we would like to see happen.

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Crime amongst the youth is on the rise, antisocial behaviour is always in the media and stereotypes have been formed about the youth of today. The teenagers need a voice, someone who will listen to them and understand their needs.

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Youth centres where teenagers can help to create their own sanctuary will have a positive impact on their lives and also of the community as a whole. If the young adults use their intelligence to accomplish this, it is surely a better use of their time. It is often heard that there is nothing for teenagers to do, and this is especially true of areas of relative deprivation.

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The local council often promise facilities for the teenagers, however, they do not really listen to what they want and their views on issues they face. Having someone who will be an advocate for teenagers and will actively listen to what they have to say will help engage them in positive activities.
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I live in a small town where youth crime is on the rise. A lot of speculation goes into the reasons for it, and stereotypes are formed. I believe that giving teenagers the opportunity to be involved in positive activities will reduce the rate of crime nationwide.

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Having a youth centre which the teens all help to maintain will give them a sense of responsibility and pride. The community will feel safer if the youths have somewhere to go and gather with friends, make use of games consoles, sporting equipment etc. This will help prevent acts of mindless vandalism which often leads to a spiral of petty criminal activity.

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These are all ideas at this stage, but to measure success will be to see the number of antisocial behaviour reports decrease as well as the number of petty crimes.

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Finances will likely be the biggest barrier because lending is at a low at the moment, however, sponsorship may prove to be successful.

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Having the teenagers actively involved with creating their sanctuary will mean they want to continue to develop it into their own ideal. With guidance and support from local businesses and maybe sponsorships, it will be possible to sustain this idea. If it proves successful the community will feel less divided because a feeling of security will be restored as the crime numbers will come down.

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