Steppup to Climate Change

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Steppup to Climate Change

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Steppup Puppets is a book/puppet show used to teach children about climate change and their role in their own future in a fun medium.

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Climate change is the biggest challenge of the 21st century, the people that will be most affected are the marginalised. The people creating the issues are mainly those in the Western World, the main cause of climate change is carbon emissions. Another issue is people are used to being told what to do in a nanny state and wont accept responsibility for actions and their role in their own future. The third issue is that environmental educations is not taught in all schools throughout the country as it is not obligatory. It is up to the interest of the teacher. The final issue is that many schools in developing countries cannot afford to buy schools books for children.

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The solutions to the issues above is the ebook and puppet show - Steppup to Climate Change. It is a children's book and puppet show used to teach children about climate change, it's causes and effects and the child's power to determine their future. It aims to teach the children the real life effects of climate change yet in a fun medium but also to teach them about their role as responsible citizens. It encourages the emphatic side of climate change by introducing a sparrow called harry that is dying from pollution. The book incorporate science, english, craft, drama and environmental studies to ensure it will be most useful for teachers and can be used to cover many parts of the curriculum to save time and interest most teachers. For every book or puppet show pack that is bought one will be sent to a school in the developing country. This is to teach children sending the books empathy and to enable children who receive the free books to read who may not otherwise have books.

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The book/puppet show encompasses areas such as climate change, relationships, animals, health, science, art, drama and craft. There are many outlets for children in theses areas but none that I know of that combines all of the above in to a storybook and puppet show. Stories such as Dr Suess the Lorax have proved very popular with children in relation to the environment. We see other such books/sites as complimentary to ours, for information to pass from short term to long memory it needs to be triggered in a number of ways over a period of time so we believe that the 'Steppup' book and puppet show will assist in teaching children and their teachers about climate change, empathy, responsibility and future thinking. It is a softer approach to learning heavy issues.
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Steppup Puppets
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I am an Irish country girl living in the big city for the past few years. I have a bachelors degree in Manufacturing Engineering, a post graduate diploma in Management and a masters in Sustainable Development. I have worked as a validation engineer, waste management engineer, windfarm planning engineer, environmental education facilitator and I now work as a sustainability consultant. I have very strong personal, academic and professional interest in sustainability. I often attend courses and events in the areas of sustainable development and social entrepreneurship. I have strong innovation, dedication and leadership and I have displayed these characteristics in my personal, academic and professional life. I strongly believe in sustainable development and I think that empowerment and education are two of the strongest tools for sustainability. I believe that my education, experience, passion and personality will allow my to realise my social entrepreneurship vision.

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Steppup Puppets

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The model is a website. On this website there is an ebook telling the story of 2 children's visits to 2 worlds, one with the negative effects of climate change - flooding, pollution etc and the other a more ideal utopia. At the end of the book the children need to decide which world they want to work towards. The story also covers relationships with animals, personal relationships and also introduces a hero and a villain for an old fashioned fairy tale feel. The website also contains a script and pdf's of puppets that can be printed and cut out to put on a puppet show. The site also contains an information pack for teachers to explain the environmental areas covered in the book. All the information can be printed from the website but there is a pack that can be bought. For every pack that is bought one will be sent to a child/school in a developing country. There are options for the children to make their own puppets and put the pictures on the site. The site will be launched before the new school year.

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The book and puppet show has been trialed on a number of schools and youth groups and it has proved with popular with children and their teachers. One youth leader stated that the puppet show was funny but emotional at the end when thinking about the choices we need to make. Children and their teachers have found the puppet show and the book fun yet they understand the serious underlying issues in it. I visited a school 12 months after reading the book and the children remembered the story and some of the main characters. In the book there is a sparrow that is dying of pollution, the children told me this was scary but they knew how to save him. There is also an evil villain in the book which children find scary but like that there is a hero and that they know how to combat the villain.

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Barriers will be competition with other books, websites etc aimed at children. Using contacts in the education sector, social media and getting press coverage will assist with this. Barriers always exists is getting projects like this in to the busy school schedule. I already run environmental workshops in schools so this would assist with that barrier. Ensuring the donated packs reach the children in developing countries will be barrier. For the initial project I have a number of contacts in Ghana and I can work with Irish Aid agencies that are on the ground in theses areas.

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The model we have created addresses financial, social and environmental sustainability. Financial: The website was funded and will initially be run for free. Education packs will be for sale to raise money for the project and a portion of the money from the company will used to print packs that will be sent to needy schools in Africa initially. There is potential for fund raising by holding workshops, readings, merchandise and expanding the series.
Social: The education pack used in school allows children to engage in arts, crafts and drama activities. The climate change area allows for discussion between teachers and pupils. I will be reading the book at festivals during the summer and this brings children together in different environments. The social aspect of sending environmental packs to needy children makes a link between the children/schools that buy the pack and are sent the pack.
Environmental: The initial story deals with a number of areas of climate change and children's place in their own future. The environmental pack is available in pdf form on our website to allow for less paper if the book is read online. The education pack also has a resource area for teachers to educate themselves on climate change and to allow them discuss environmental science with children. we encourage children to make their puppets out of recycled materials when hosting the puppet show.

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Social entrepreneurship is very important in both seemingly developed countries and developing counties. Entrepreneurship is the backbone of any economy but social enterprise allows people to earn a living for themselves whilst taking in to account the needs of others. This is important financially, socially and environmentally. Many developing countries receive much needed aid but this can result in a hand out society, social enterprise set up in developing counties can allow people to fend for themselves whilst helping people in their country and community, this encourages independence, empowerment and sustainable development. Therefore social enterprise in developing counties can improve the mindsets of people, education, finances and the future of that country. Social enterprises can also be carried out in more developed counties with the social aspect helping developing counties, this produces a nice tie between the two.

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

All travel is rewarding, exciting, challenging and memorable. Travelling to a country such as Uganda which is worlds apart from my life in ireland would be an experience, maybe a challenging one at times but definitely rewarding and life changing one. You cannot visit Africa without it affecting you in many ways - poverty, pain, smiling faces, loud music, bright colours, sandy roads, wildlife, Uganda is a country with many conflicts. Temperature, humidity, living conditions and food can be challenging yet part of the adventure but people, local life and seeing local enterprise will be more of a reward then any challenge faced. Meeting not only locals but the other Join our Core applicants will be inspiring and possibly allow for strong inter country collaborations, which is the future of business. Bringing back stories of the trip to Ireland will be important for Irish people to better understand life in Uganda, in all it's challenges and glory