waste recycling in ecological coal

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waste recycling in ecological coal is the value proposition of a new alternative energetic solution on green economy, to fight against climate change, deforestation and jobless of young and women. The target market is composed of householders in majority, restaurants, snack, small and medium size that use this energy and some particular. The channels for the distribution are internet, radio and television, the customer relationship is direct marketing and announcements.The revenues stream is composed of direct sell, long term selling, bank relationship, the key activities are collecting, drying and transformation, the key ressources are land, equipment, team management, agreement. The key partners are state, NGOS, suppliers banks, particulars. The cost structure are direct charges, variable charges. All this show that the project is strong and will survive over the year.



4° 2' 50.6688" N, 9° 41' 51.6516" E
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