Impact Vitiligo Africa - IVA

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Impact Vitiligo Africa - IVA: Psychosocial well-being of people affected with vitiligo

Surulere, NigeriaSurulere, Nigeria
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$250,000 - $500,000
Project Summary
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Impact Vitiligo Africa is applying some patient-centered pioneering techniques ( from traditional methods & tech) to address systemic challenges of living with Vitiligo in sub-Saharan Africa.

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What if Vitiligo is taken a bit serious beyond 'cosmetic' and thousands of people and their families giving sense of belonging and upliftment?
About Project

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A life-long condition, called a curse, nemesis, anger of the gods and strange in Africa. The chronic nature of Vitiligo, lack of patient care and dedicated clinics and unpredictable cause of the condition has a significant impact upon the quality of life of patients and devastating effect on social life of the patient and their family. Non existence of patient support groups and functioning ones where it exists. No policy changes so far

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

My proposed solutions are Extensive Vitiligo education, enlightenment and motivation through a 'Feature Film' titled 'Ife', an African focused film by Africans. inaugurate Patient Support groups/organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa with technological capacity building and seed funding. 'Vitiligo Aid Africa' App - Includes finding Support groups, Dermatologists, ABC of Vitiligo, Self-help guide, Confidence building. Database Management & Patient Alliance Social Science Research - *Access to medical care and patient care *The Psychological and Social impact of Vitiligo on people's lives - 'To justify and quantify the need for action to policy changes'. A state of the art Vitiligo Resource Center with Skin health digital library


Techwomen Emerging leader 2014, Architects of the Future Award, 2013, Nonprofit Leadership and Excellence Award (Health and Gender Category, Africa): 2012, Ashoka Fellowship 2012, Enterprise Challenge IBM 100 Award: 2011, Wellness Well Award, 2011.
Impact: How does it Work

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Movies/TV is a an effective way to Motivate, enlighten, educate and create extensive awareness in Africa to all class. A Feature Film titled 'Ife' (title may change) is a creative entertaining African story, The App, through all and Social Media contest, will connect Vitiligo patients, build database, identify potential Patient leaders to lead support groups from where we will build Africa Vitiligo Alliance for stronger voice and impact. The Research results/reports will be a strong evidence for policy changes, discussions with WHO on the condition Vitiligo as against verbal claims we have done in years. The Vitiligo Resource center is one stop place for everything Skin health open to researchers, health community and the public.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

VITSAF has continued to impact lives positively, improving quality of lives and much more with shoestring budget. We/I technically support and mentor Patient leaders across Africa and beyond and this and more we work to make better. The projected future is a Vitiligo aware and enlightened Africa with improved QoL, Positive Vitiligo patients, Africa Vitiligo Alliance, a sought after VITSAF Resource center for primarily Vitiligo and general skin health (with Skin health supports groups). Vitiligo is recognised and identified by WHO. A future where Patient leaders in Africa and developing countries can always access grants and all kinds of resources for project through IVA. Where 'Vitiligo Aid Africa' App - finding Support groups, finding Dermatologists, FAQs, understanding Vitiligo, confidence building, becomes a choice App for all concerned.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We will start off with Social media competition, In the first 5years of receiving the grant, we would surely have achieved everything we planned including Policy reforms and Vitiligo Alliance Africa through our different products. In 5years we would've attained the height of IFPA within Africa and globally on our Vitiligo Alliance quest. In years to follow, IVA would be a Production house to reckon with as regards its focus areas. Our Resource center would become a global hub/lab for Skin Health Would extend our geographical reach to the whole of Africa with Vitiligo Support.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

'Impact Vitiligo Africa' is a Social enterprise - *Productions focusing on Skin Health, Appearance challenges and Natural nutrition for wellness. Our proposed Feature film is for Cinema, (from the sound track) a Musical video and Digital TV series version *Vitiligo Aid App *VITSAF Resource center (with a digital and physical library) is a research/working center for Skin health and appearance challenges generally *Consultancy

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Presently no other organisation is working on this particular project however there are Vitiligo Support groups/organisations in Africa (greatly inspired by us and technically supported by VITSAF), and those of them in Sub-Saharan Africa we are working with as a team to build structures, capacities and ultimately extensive Vitiligo awareness to improve Quality of life and Psychosocial needs of those affected with Vitiligo. .

Founding Story

It was Feb 2005, when I woke up with the right side of my lip turned white. I gradually developed some white patches on my forehead, arm, and neck all to my right side; I had developed Vitiligo, and was officially diagnosed with the condition in June 2005. It was a rough journey as I was in a world of my own with no meaningful help even from where I most expected it, the Skin/Dermatology clinics. I left there worst than I went especially on my 2nd appointment. More importantly, I had 2 choices. Either I could continue feeling sorry for myself and stay depressed, or I could choose to make a difference (create awareness, share experience and encourage eachother). I chose the later.


Patient Leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa, Support and mentoring of International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organisation - IADPO, Vitiligo Research Foundation total support Izu Ojukwu (top Nigerian filmaker), We have a Board, three dedicated volunteers (web development, program management and Finance), I am however open to the forum here for genuine dedicated team members in Volunteers and otherwise. Will be working with Dermatologists. As the project takes shapes, will hire consultants and possibly add some full time consulting positions especially for our Research projects…
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BI is enthusiastic for collaboration and partnership to achieve shared success demonstrated in mainly Research and development, Research and development are our main focus on this project. IVA project will benefit from B.I's wealth of knowledge and experience that will provide us with capabilities to complement our efforts and innovative technology that will help us succeed and sustain our project.
Beyond mentions and Advert slots on our products, our project idea creates opportunities by offering Vitiligo condition to BI’s curious search for new therapeutic options as BI is committed to the goal of serving humankind through research into diseases and the development of new drugs and therapies.. This is a huge win-win for us and BI.

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Distribution Channels, Research and Development, Specific Disease Expertise, Relationships/New Contacts, Marketing/Communications Support, Legal Support, Technology Expertise, Public Policy Knowledge, Access to Capital.

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Support with our distribution channels beyond the film, but also our services and App development.
B.I. can help us identify and connect with Researchers, development professionals, Human resources..
Advocacy, Lobbying
Research and Development
Help and advise to run the initiative as a private company limited by guarantee -Ltd/GTE
We need capital to kick-start
Specific Disease Expertise - Social Science Research
Help us to communicate effectively our products, Vision, objectives and Alliances.
Technology Expertise - App development, database mgt, information sharing, communication

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Deep understanding of an unmet need in a specific market/context, Insights into behavior change.

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Holistic solutions that work across the entire care continuum (including education, prevention, detection, treatment, management, follow-up), Models that engage other industry players (e.g., nutrition, athletic, mobility organizations)., Remote care solutions for health management, treatment, and diagnosis, Packaging of health products and services to address needs currently unmet.

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