*Y.C.* Maternal club: Empower mothers and young girls to prevent maternal mortality

*Y.C.* Maternal club: Empower mothers and young girls to prevent maternal mortality

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$500,000 - $1 million
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Organizing volunteer mothers and adolescent girls in a club, so that there will be awareness raising sessions by the trained mothers and adolescent girls to the community focusing on Maternal health, Harm full traditional practices affecting women, GBV, Prenatal, delivery and post natal care; promoting health seeking behaviors especially during pregnancy, delivery and immediately after delivery; Identification of pregnant mothers and helping them when there is a need by networking the club with Health extension workers, Health facilities and other civil society associations. - The club is going to facilitate for pregnant mothers for facility delivery using a tricycle (Bajaj) for emergency transportation to prevent budget constraint to have a big Ambulance. - The club will organize awareness raising sessions especially for religious leaders, community leaders and other community associations (like Idirs) to get their active participation.

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The death of mothers while giving life and harmful traditional practices affecting females that aggravates maternal mortality.
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Anti Malaria Association
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Anti Malaria Association

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Anti Malaria Association

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My idea is unique, because I have not heard of maternal club established in my country focusing on maternal health. And in this club mothers will be responsible to solve their own problems by providing education to the community which indicates the successes of the project because they feel sense of ownership.

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The impact of this project will be seen after some time and that is going to be contribution in maternal mortality reduction in Ethiopia.


These actions are to be conducted intended to be performed in the future
- Construction of Girls center incorporating maternal club
- Organizing volunteer mothers and adolescent girls in a club
- Provide trainings to the Mothers and adolescent girls so they can facilitate community conversation. Sensitization of stake holders about the club
- Awareness raising sessions bi weekly for the community in the form of dialogue with mothers (pregnant, lactating, to be mothers or early married and adolescent girls who are the future mothers) - Organize community conversation monthly on maternal health, Harmful traditional practices, GBV.
- Organize Advocacy for religious leaders, community leaders, different community associations etc.
- Provision of check lists for pregnant mothers participating in the discussion to identify different danger signs
- Posters focusing on maternal health displayed in side the club, homes of facilitator mothers and discussant mothers, so this may attract other mothers to participate.
- Provide emergency transport service for pregnant mothers for delivery or if any danger occurs.


As a pilot first it is going to be implemented in one town/Woreda of Amhara regional state so the expected results show only in one town for one year.
- 20 mothers and 10 adolescent girls will be trained on facilitating dialogue about maternal health, GBV, Harmful Traditional Practices and different RH issues.
- Biweekly dialogue among mothers and adolescent girls addressing 900 mothers in one year.
- One day sensitization with religious and community leaders, school communities, Health extension workers, school communities and other community members addressing a total of 200 people.
- 1000 community members addressed through community conversation monthly about maternal health, GBV, Harmful Traditional Practices and different RH issues.
- 100 pregnant mothers identified
- 50 pregnant mothers facilitated to deliver at facility level
- 200 mothers utilize ANC, Delivery care and PNC.

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There may be budget constraint to perform the whole idea of the project and enough mothers may not volunteer.

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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Anti Malaria Association

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More than 5 years

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The partnership with those organizations is very critical for the success of the innovation because the organizations may help by providing training manuals, training, advice, mobilizing the community, selecting of mothers and other supports which are going to a good help for mothers.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

- Recognizing maternal health as a big focus and trying to tackle the problem from its root.
- Effective implementation of the different activities planned to be done
- Motivation to work with mothers, motivation of mothers to solve their own problem and also mobilization of the community to end maternal mortality

The Story
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There was a meeting held organized by Ministry of health, which tells mothers we have a progress of achieving other MDGs but not reduction of maternal mortality. Ethiopia is country with maternal mortality 673/100,000 live births which is a huge number. So I thought of mothers especially in rural area dying of giving birth. I thought of the problem which is very complex in a Sub Saharan African countries like Ethiopia, the problem is a deep rooted issue which make women to die every day. As it is known a health service access is one big issue in most of sub Saharan African countries; even though the health service access is improved in Ethiopia with in the last five years with construction of health institutions and deploying of more than 30,000 health extension workers who serves the rural community the maternal mortality has not reduced that much. When I realized all the things, some thing came into my mind to prevent mothers from dying and achieving the MDG 5 by 2015. I thought there is a need to empower women or mothers to have health seeking behaviors and tackling attitudes of the community on women based violence and harmful traditional practices like early marriage, FGM which aggravates maternal mortality and other RH and physical disabilities. The above things can be done by women themselves forming a club to prevent the problem so they can feel sense of ownership and preventing their female children dying in the future.

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