*Y.C.* Promoting women’s health literacy through dialogue-based education

*Y.C.* Promoting women’s health literacy through dialogue-based education

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We think that one of the best ways to prevent maternal mortality and improve maternal health is to increase women’s health literacy through education. The model we propose is dialogue-based education derived from Paulo Freire’s educational model. In our opinion, the fifth MDG can be achieved by using the above model.

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Al-Zahra University
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Al-Zahra University



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Al-Zahra University

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Al-Zahra University,Vanak Avenue,Tehran,Iran P.Code: 1993891176

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In the current educational models, mother is a container filled by the health professionals. In our proposed model, education is a horizontal relationship fed by love, humility, hope, faith and confidence. Based on Freire’s methodology which is against the "banking model and for the problem posing model, at first we will form a working group to assess women’s felt needs. This group consists of:
The local leader of target community and a number of local people who are active in different issues for passing the cultural barriers.
A curriculum specialist.
A specialist who produces educational materials for adults.
A professional writer.
A professional photographer.
A specialist in health promotion and of course the local health staff.

In the second step, the photographer with the writer goes among the community to make posters (or films) and write stories about inhabitants' life related to health. Working group’s local people pick up the word related to health among people’s everyday dialogue.
Based on collected words, written stories, and produced films and posters, curriculum specialist and producer of educational materials will select the words, films and posters can generate dialogue.
The third step is implementation. The place can be local schools, churches, homes, or any other place that people feel relaxed in it. For opening up the dialogue the health care provider will present one of the posters or films. Then asks the participants to describe what they see and feel about that. Through brainstorming the different aspects of the problem which is seen in that is discussed by participants. Then they analyze the problem, its causes and consequences and the planning of the strategies to resolve the problem through dialogue. The goal is to develop a sense of individual and group empowerment in participants.

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Year 1: Dialogue-based education among the largest population possible.
Year 2: Pilot study followed by implementation.
Year 3: Evaluation and improvement.

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Al-Zahra University

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When my professor talked about Freire’s critical pedagogy and literacy work in Brazil.

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