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Despite the fact that the public health system in Ukraine provides universal access to free health care to pregnant women, the maternal mortality ratio remains high and is approximately two to three times higher than that of most countries in Western Europe
In Ukraine, 2001 healthcare system reform which is based on international standards was approved. However its implementation seems to be questioned due to gaps in medical education system, economical problems and absence of civil society in Ukraine. Nowadays Ukraine is oriented on international standards in the field of sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR). This fact was positively accepted by healthcare officials and scientists. As a result SRHR issues were included in the curriculum for ob/gyn residents five years ago. Nevertheless the syllabus of this course has not been developed yet. This fact makes our project extremely urgent and important for Ukrainian society. Thus the main goal of this project is to work out and implement SRHR curriculum and guidelines in postgraduate education in Ukraine. This innovation will be successful because we have strong support and commitment of Ministry of Healthcare and Ministry of Education. After this project is implemented we do not need additional financial support because this course is the part of medical curriculum which is accepted and supported by Ministry of Healthcare.

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The reproductive and sexual health of women is often compromised, not necessarily because of lack of medical knowledge, but rather as the result of infringement of women’s human rights. Taken into account that care providers have to play central role in advocacy of women rights especially right for life and thus safe pregnancy their awareness about obstacles and detrimental practices should be a first step to improve maternal health.
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Ukrainian medical project
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Ukrainian medical project


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Ukrainian medical project

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SRHR training is a part of postgraduate education in developed countries. But in ex-USSR countries this issue is absolutely new. We make first steps to meet of patient's rights approach. Education of healthcare providers seems to us the most reliable solution of this issue. We are planning to adapt international guidelines taking into account cultural traditions in Ukraine. After piloting project implementation it will be implemented as postgraduate training of Medical Schools in Ukraine.

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No impact as of now. This idea has not been implemented yet. However, it is expected to develop course syllabus, trainee's as well as trainer's manual and piloting proposed course both among potential teachers and trainees. As a result we are looking for decrease in SRHR violence by future medical providers.


Several steps are needed to make idea a reality:
1. Knowledge of experience on SRHR training for medical providers will be collected, analysed.
2. The SRHR course syllabus will be developed
3. Trainee's manual weel be developed and piloted on both future teachers and trainees.
4. Trainers' manual will be developed and piloted on potential teachers.


Potential results included: SRHR course is developed and accepted by Ministry of Healthcare and Education as obligatory course of postgraduate education ob/gyn

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

1. Commitment of Ministry of Healthcare and Education.
2. Development teachers' skills to conduct the course by implementation of SRHR course for teachers in plan of Department of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology in Donetsk national medical university.
3. Implementation SRHR course at all Medical Schools in framework of existing curriculum

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We can't see any reasons which are made our project unsuccessful. We have strong support from Government and educational institutions.

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$100 ‐ 1000

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Idea phase

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“Ukrainian Medical Project”

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More than 5 years

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Our project will conduct in partnership with Ministry of Healthcare and Education and Local regional public health administration, Donetsk National Medical University authorities. These partnerships give us a confidence that any problem will be anticipated.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

1. Mentorship with international institutions and experts working in SRHR issues
2. Training in proposal development
3. Ability to get financial support to print developed materials and pilot training for students and teachers

The Story
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The first time I thought about sexual health and reproductive rights training the “Sexually transmitted diseases” course which I carried out as a teacher. I felt the audience interest on this issue. I presented information on sexual health and reproductive rights but I've really understood that this problem is needed more attention. Three years ago Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare revised the curriculum for residents ob/gyn and these issues were included. But there are not syllabus for the course which resulted in different understanding what and how to teach. I found that unification of knowledge and skills on this issue can help to develop common vision on this issue. Providers should advocate and promote women’s sexual and reproductive rights based on their commitment to assuring human rights and ethical principles in the reproductive health care of women they have to get knowledge and medical skills on what they have to do.

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The NGO “Ukrainian Medical Project” shall be dedicated to the improvement of women's health and rights and reduction of maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity in Ukraine. The NGO “UMP” shall pursue its mission through advocacy, programmatic activities, capacity strengthening, education, training and research.

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