Homeless youth and young adults in Olympia, WA

Homeless youth and young adults in Olympia, WA

United States
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 Provide no fee, low barrier/no barrier therapy services to homeless, street dependent, at-risk youth and young adults, ages 12-30, who have experienced sexual assault and abuse, domestic violence, and hate crimes.

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In addition to the extreme poverty this population experiences, many of the youth are living with disabilities, are youth of color, and/or identify as LGBTQI. In addressing the root causes of violence in the lives of our population, we acknowledge our belief that such violence leads to homelessness or places people at risk of becoming homeless.
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Partners in Prevention Education
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Partners in Prevention Education

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P.O. Box 451, Olympia, Washington 98507

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Partners in Prevention Education started as a demonstration project using the Community Development Model and Positive Youth Development Model. Our commitment to all of us "being on the street" allows for our therapists to gain a more holistic picture of the youths' experiences. We are dedicated to establising services that are culturally relevant and easily accessible to this population, with input constantly solicited from our stakeholders. We advocate for a shift, as described by William Lofquist, from a Service Culture to an Opportunity Culture. In this shift young people are seen as resources of and agents of change rather than merely consumers of services. Our youth help us identify the underlying conditions of sexual violence, gaps in services, program design and violence prevention engagement opportunities.

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Since our inception the development of our services has been based upon the input of stakeholders gathered during outreach, focus groups, support services and planning meetings. We believe in no barrier/low barrier access to services. We meet with youth and young adults where they are comfortable. We provide all our services with no fee.


Weekly Violence Prevention meetings, bi-weekly outreach at a drop-in center, street outreach, therapy and advocacy services for at-risk and homeless youth and young adults, ages 12-30. Our youth and young adults were also part of a project whose result is the movie, "Downtowners." YaYa Media in Olympia also has video links to homeless issues to include, "My Life's Notice."


Our weekly Violence Prevention meetings have 10-15 youth in attendance each week. We are currently serving 4-6 youth with our mental health services. Our young women's support group recommences the beginning of October. We hope to be supporting our Queer community with continuing art groups, focusing on processing the impact of hate crimes.

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Continued funding from state, local, federal resources. We have two full-time staff and hope to add two part-time peer advocates. We have a robust budget, do to our focus on marginalized communities who age out of services or have barriers that prevent access to more traditional, mainstream youth services.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Heavy budget cuts. Lack of youth involvement and participation.

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Less than $50

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Partners in Prevention Education

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1‐5 years

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Local businesses support PiPE by providing space for our Board meetings, our weekly Violence Prevention meetings, our support group meeting. Businesses and private individuals provide meals for our weekly meetings.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

Continued youth participation. Robust Board who understands the Community Development and Positive Youth Development models. Strong partnerships with other non-profit organinations, schools, local tribes.

The Story
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Partners in Prevention Education began in February 2004 as a demonstration project through the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs. PiPE engages homeless and at-risk youth and young adults and community allies in defining underlying conditions of sexual violence, gaps in services, program design and violence prevention opportunities.

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Through a community planning process, the original founders of PiPE were able to identify gaps in services, particularly as it applied to homeless and at-risk youth and young adults. These young people had either aged out of traditional services or reported that there were "strings" attached and needed people they could trust and also who could provide resources.

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Email from Changemakers

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