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Ronda's Dream Center

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Ronda’s Dream Center will provide a creative and stimulating visual environment for the developmentally disabled residents at Fairview Developmental Center. The Dream Center will consist of the Create room and Explore room. Imagery will be projected on four walls, simulating an immersive experience with interactive software and audio capabilities.    



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At present, there is not a high-tech visual outlet for the developmentally disabled community or the residents at Fairview Developmental Center. The Dream Center wishes to change that!
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Ronda's Dream Center
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Ronda's Dream Center

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Currently, there is not a high-tech visual therapy outlet for the residents at Fairview Developmental Center, the Dream Center will be able to serve as such a resource.

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Thus far the Dream Center has raised awareness and some funding for the completion of the project. As far as impact, we are sure of the benefits visual imagery and creative expression had on Ronda, a developmentally disabled individual for whom the Dream Center is named.


We are currently fundraising and establishing awareness for the Dream Center. We have partners with like-minded organizations, business and individuals who provide support to the developmentally disabled community.


Our goal is to accomplish the mission of Ronda’s Dream Center, which is to enrich and improve the quality of life of the developmentally disabled community through a creative visual therapy center. Our main objectives are to improve mental health through art and recreational therapy, provide an effective new tool for the Fairview staff, foster family connections and community involvement, and to nurture creative growth. Due to the pilot nature of this project, many of our goals and objectives are not immediately measurable, though we are confident that this project will bring positive outcomes.

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Once open, in our first year we wish to service primary the residents at Fairview Developmental Center. In our second year, we hope to open to the community and invite the developmentally disabled community outside of Fairview to experience the Dream Center. Finally in our third year and moving forward we wish to have a fully functional program where residents of Fairview and community members can all enjoy and benefit from the Dream Center.

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We hope that numerous individuals would be able to benefit from the Dream Center, however, the only main issue that could hinder the Dream Center's would be the closure of Fairview Developmental Center, a state facility.

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Fairview Families and Friends, Inc.

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More than 5 years

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The Story
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Adrianne Cohen (founder of Ronda's Dream Center) envisioned a place where individuals like her daughter Ronda could go and experience a stimulating visual environment. Ronda, a resident at Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa, California, responded positively to visual movements such as trees blowing in the wind and the colors of the sunset. Like many residents at Fairview, Ronda suffered from a disability that made enjoying many visual wonders difficult and often unreachable. The staff and doctors at Fairview make every effort to expose the residents to the outside environment, however the implementation of the Dream Center will provide endless tools and resources to better the lives of the residents.

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Many individuals have contributed to the idea for Ronda's Dream Center, identifying just one person would be impossible. Ronda, who the Dream Center is named for, is the inspiration for this project.

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