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The RecognizeGood mission is to elevate the world's spirit of community by creating a public forum in which to reward, acknowledge and promote acts of kindness and unselfish charity.  RecognizeGood a bold experiment in mental health treatment for large groups using social networking technology.
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The United States may not be in a depression, but many people think we are. Individuals and families are struggling with increased depression, anxiety, anger and fear. As a mental health counseling organization, we have seen a 48% increase in people coming to us for help since last year. The most frequent request for counseling happens when someone has lost their job and the financial strain begins to affect the marriage and family. We have seen an increase in family violence, child abuse, and substance abuse since the economic crash was announced last Fall. We believe RecognizeGood can counter the constant barrage of bad news had severely affected the mental health of our community.
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Samaritan Center for Counseling and Pastoral Care
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Samaritan Center for Counseling and Pastoral Care

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5425A Burnet Road

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Our vision is that one act of kindness will encourage other acts of kindness and that RecognizeGood will become a movement to lift the spirit of our nation and light the fire of benevolence in our world.
The website is fully integrated with other popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and YouTUBE. Good deeds can also be viewed by city and type of industry. RecognizeGood will allow us to create a movement—a culture shift toward kindness and benevolence. The stories on RecognizeGood have real emotional impact to change behaviors and attitudes. We believe people are tired of all the negativity and depressing news in our world and are looking for hope. RecognizeGood has the potential to create daily inspiration for us all.
There is no cost to thank someone using RecognizeGood. However, if they choose to make a donation to honor the good deed, the honoree is notified and given the opportunity to choose the local charity that will benefit. The donation is matched by a corporate sponsor and shared between the Samaritan Center and the honoree’s chosen charity. All local charity organizations serve youth and families.

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On a personal level, many people have experienced a change in mental well being and health by using the site. Simply put, saying thank you on a daily basis will change who you are.


We have launched a volunteer program called RecognizeGood Community Reporters. These volunteers will actively search for “good” in our community and report their findings on the website. We have found RecognizeGood to be an extremely useful tool for nonprofit organizations to use in thanking donors, volunteers, staff members and to promote programs. We are implementing a city-wide contest in August called iwitnessgoodness and the Mayor has adopted Recognizegood as one of his key initiatives during his term in office. The mayor will launch the iwitnessgoodness contest. TV anchors are serving as judges. Our goal is to #1 City in the World for the Most Recorded Acts of Kindness.


We have recruited 100 Recognizegood Community Reporters to date. These volunteers and community members have submitted 1000 stories of kindness on RecognizeGood. We are receiving inquiries from many states. We have received 75,000 in seed funding in addition to website development that was contributed by our corporate partner TyRex Group.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

We will expand geographically to the rest of the nation during the next year. The Samaritan Center is one of 500 Samaritan Center's nationwide and each one will be given an opportunity to host the RecognizeGood program in their city. We believe that reaching critical mass is critical to our success. We have defined this as 1000 stories per week. Sponsorship is also vital. We are searching for 5 local sponsors and 5 national sponsors. Continued website development is important to keep individuals coming back to the site for inspiration and to maintain interest.
Year 1: Reach critical mass of 1000 stories per week.
Year 2: Expand geographically to 30 cities
Year 2: Acquire 5 local sponsors
Year 2: Reach critical mass of 5,
Year 3: Expand geographically to 100 cities
Year 3: Acquire 5 national sponsors

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Lack of adequate funding could prevent this program from being a success.

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

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Less than $50

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Operating for less than a year

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More than 5 years

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RecognizeGood was formed by a nonprofit-for profit partnership between the Samaritan Center and TyRex Group. We have representatives from both organizations on a steering committee to make programmatic decisions. In addition, we have 10 Charity Partners (other local nonprofit organizaions) who help provide community reporters, stories of kindness and share in donations received.

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1) Reaching critical mass goals.
2) Continued website development.
3) Geographic expansion.

The Story
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As described in the Inspiration section of the Recognizegood.org website, John Bosch was the 2007 award recipient of the Samaritan Center's Ethics in Business program. At the same time, his family was experiencing difficult times and he was the recipient of acts of kindness. John did not feel a simple "thank you" was enough to express his gratitude. He wanted a public forum in which to reward, acknowledge and promote acts of kindness and charity. John Bosch approached the Samaritan Center and asked us to be a part of this vision. Together, we have been working weekly for over a year on this project.

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John Bosch, Jr. is the Principal and Founder of TyRex Group. He is an expert at entrepreneurship and acts as a CEO coach for new business ventures. John is a true visionary and a man who believes business cannot be successful unless it contributes charitably to the community.

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