Keepers Club Chicago


Keepers Club, founded in 1997, is a diverse public-private partnership composed of Chicagoans dedicated to the common purpose of providing consistent, continuous care and nurturing to the most severely emotionally disturbed and at-risk students within the Chicago Public Schools system.
The goal of Keepers Club is to operate a Pre/K through 12 school-community center, to be known as the Madelyn Payne Dunham Community School, Research, Training and Wellness Center to serve severely emotionally disturbed, at-risk students, families and community.   Each component of our year round program will be driven by core performance metrics specifically calibrated to evaluate well-being outcomes.  A fiscal incentive clause in our Vision Statement challenges us to be privately underwritten, by at least 50%, in four years or less.
Equally as important as public/private collaboration, Dunham will provide both a state-of–the-art training center and a wellness center to serve students, families and communities victimized by youth violence.  Moreover, Dunham will house a world class, scientifically based research center where, in partnership with local universities, researchers will study the root causes of, and empirically test solutions to, youth violence.
Our “one stop shopping center” will not only improve the safety, well-being and education of at-risk students but will enhance the social-emotional and socio-economic factors of Chicago’s inner-city communities. Simply stated, the Madelyn Payne Dunham Community School, Research, Training and Wellness Center will be Chicago Public Schools' cornerstone of hope and inspiration to help Chicago become a safer and healthier city for children, families and communities.


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Thomas M. OGrady
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