GlobeMed at Oberlin College Application

GlobeMed at Oberlin College Application

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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We address global health issues by working with our partner, The Center for Community Health Promotion (CHP), in Vietnam and by raising awareness here in Ohio. We plan to work with CHP on reaching those most at risk of contracting HIV by helping them design their initiatives and fundraising. We coordinate events in the Oberlin, OH community to raise awareness about HIV prevention and the conditions faced by those with HIV around the world. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the ivory tower of US academia and intravenous drug users, orphans, men who have sex with men, and others at elevated risk of developing AIDS in Vietnam.

About Project

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The GlobeMed model is relatively new (founded in 2006) but is unique in its approach to global health. GlobeMed partners chapters at US colleges and universities with grassroots organizations working on global health issues. As the GlobeMed at Oberlin chapter, we will support our partner (CHP) in its endeavors both financially and strategically. GlobeMed at Oberlin is in the unique position to both work on serious global health issues abroad and educate about them at home. As a chartered college organization we can bring in speakers, host events, and go into the Oberlin community to raise awareness. GlobeMed also raises the next generation of public health leaders. In college, students are trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives. Having an organization like GlobeMed on campus alongside classes like "Global Health Emergencies" (Comparative American Studies) and "Global Health Encounters" (Anthropology) will introduce students to work in global health-oriented non-profits and get them thinking about modern health, all around the world.
Impact: How does it Work

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For the fall, 2011 semster, we plan on recuiting board members, facilitating community discussions about HIV/AIDS, living conditions in Vietnam, and the impacts of global health advocacy. We plan to conduct awareness campaigns about HIV/AIDS, GlobeMed's work, and CHP. We will also begin working on some of CHP's upcoming projects. We have already begun our dialogue with one of their founders. In the spring semester, we will recruit the rest of our organization's staff, continue working on CHP projects and begin hosting more formal global health discussions both on campus and in the Oberlin community. In either the summer of 2012 or the following winter break, we plan on leading our first GROW trip to visit CHP's clinic in Vietnam and meet some of their patients there.
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GlobeMed at Oberlin
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GlobeMed at Oberlin

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, OH, Lorain County

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What stage is your project in?

Operating for less than a year

Tell us about the community that you engage? eg. economic conditions, political structures, norms and values, demographic trends, history, and experience with engagement efforts.

We work in two very seprate communities: Vietnam and Oberlin. We are trying to bridge the gap between the two areas and communities as much as possible. In Vietnam, CHP works with men who have sex with men (MSM), intravenous drug users, their partners, orphans, and other vulnerable children, all groups at high risk of contracting HIV. Most of the demographics listed above connote poor living conditions, minimal income, minimal power in Vietnamese cultural activities, and a history of oppression. On the flip side of the coin, Oberlin College boasts almost 3,000 undergraduate liberal art students, many of whom hail from affluent families in New York, California, Massachusetts, or New Jersey. While the two populations we work with could hardly be more different, both seem excited to cooperate and learn about the other. We have an incredibly exiting opportunity in front of us, to begin bringing these two groups together.

Share the story of the founder and what inspired the founder to start this project

Julie Christensen is an Oberlin College student studying anthropology while fulfilling her pre-medical requirements. She is incredibly passionate about global health and human rights. In late 2010 she had heard about GlobeMed but was looking for other people to support her efforts to bring global health awareness to Oberlin. As the chair of the American Medical Student's Association's (AMSA's) Oberlin chapter, Julie coordinated efforts to raise money and awareness for victims of Haiti's 2010 earthquake. While fundraising for earthquake survivors, Julie met Aaron Krupp, an Oberlin first-year, also passionate about global health accessibility. Aaron has experience working with global health research and program implementation in Haiti. With the support of Aaron and a few other dedicated Oberlin students, Julie applied to become a GlobeMed chapter founder at Oberlin. The application was approved and GlobeMed at Oberlin was born. This past July, we were paired with CHP and have been working actively with them since then. Julie and Aaron are currently the co-presidents of the organization and we have received significant interest from students across all of Oberlin's disciplines.

Social Impact
Please describe how your project has been successful and how that success is measured

Since GlobeMed at Oberlin has only recently become chartered, we have yet to conduct any intiatives. However, we have begun a dialogue with our CHP liaison in Vietnam. Over the next few years we will measure our success by how CHP is able to improve their existing initiatives and expand to conduct new ones. We will also measure success by interest in our organization at Oberlin and the amount of outreach we are able to do in the Oberlin community. The most quantitative measure of our success is the amount that we can fundraise for CHP in the coming months and years.

How many people have been impacted by your project?

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?

101- 1,000

Winning entries present a strong plan for how they will achieve growth. Identify your six-month milestone for growing your impact

By six months from now we plan to have a fully functioning board, a full staff, ongoing projects in collaboration with CHP, events planned at Oberlin, and at least $10,000 in donations.

Task 1

Recruit an executive board and begin meeting in the fall and winter to discuss our plans for organizational structure.

Task 2

Plan and host outreach events in Oberlin to raise awareness about our work.

Task 3

Work with the CHP liaison on some of their projects and start fundraising.

Identify your 12-month impact milestone

To have raised enough funding and awareness to significantly expand the scope of the services that CHP provides to its patients and clients.

Task 1

Recruit a full staff and keep fundraising.

Task 2

Continue hosting awareness and fundraising events in Oberlin.

Task 3

Continue the dialogue with CHP about our partnership.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

We hope to become closer with CHP through dialogue, fundraising, and annual GROW (grassroots on-site work) internships. We also intend to become cemented at Oberlin College as an organization that regularly hosts events, fosters constructive dialogue, and makes students think about what they are doing at Oberlin and in the world. As the years go on, we intend to expand to reach not only Oberlin College students but members of the Oberlin community. Since HIV/AIDS is not only a foreign issue but a local one as well, in the future we will hopefully partner with Oberlin's sexual health advocacy group and the HIV peer testers to really get people in the area thinking about HIV on a both local and global scale.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

CHP has a dedicated long-term staff committed to bringing about effective changes in healthcare in Vietnam. At Oberlin, as is the nature of colleges, the GlobeMed staff completely turn over every four years. It could be difficult to establish continuity between consecutive groups of GlobeMed staff. We plan on overcoming this obstacle by recruiting every year and training the younger members of the organization how GlobeMed operates at Oberlin. We need a strong, committed team to achieve our goals and we plan on having effective leadership from year to year by training the upcoming students and actively recruiting no matter how established we become.

Tell us about your partnerships

Our three major partnerships are with GlobeMed's national office, with CHP in Vietnam, and with the Oberlin community. We receive instructions, advice, and mentorship from the national office along with guidelines on how to run meetings, facilitate dialogue (both within the group and between the group and CHP), and fundraise. We strongly emphasize our partnership with CHP as we work together to design initiatives. They are our connection to healthcare issues abroad. We work with the Oberlin community to raise awareness about global health issues, specifically those felt by people at high risk of getting HIV in Vietnam.

Explain your selections

We would like to spend over $500 on community events in Oberlin to raise awareness about our work and CHP's.
We plan on getting most of our financial support from Oberlin College, local business, and grants like these. The majority of our fundraising relies on professors, families, friends, and other individuals. The GlobeMed national office supports our endeavors and are there for mentor-like support in case of seemingly-insurmountable difficulties.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

In these first few years we are working to carve a name for ourselves as one of Oberlin's most stable organizations. We plan on doing significant community outreach to get our ideas out to the Oberlin public while recruiting a dedicated executive board and an excited team of staff. To solidify the staff's engagement with the project, we plan on running a GROW trip in the upcoming year to introduce members of our Oberlin team and our partners at CHP in Vietnam. This will allow staff members to interact with the patients whose lives they are working to support and give them a sense of the living conditions in certain areas of Vietnam.

Which barriers to health and well-being does your innovation address?
Please select up to three in order of relevancy to your project.


Lack of physical access to care/lack of facilities


Limited access to preventative tools or resources


Lack of access to targeted health information and education

Please describe how your innovation specifically tackles the barriers listed above.

Our two main goals as an organization are to raise awareness in Oberlin and to support CHP. CHP addresses the above three barriers to health and well-being. CHP operates a walk-in center for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV testing and specifically targets populations who are otherwise marginalized including men who have sex with men (MSM), intravenous drug users, and orphans. CHP also runs outreach programs to educate many of these at-risk populations about sexually transmitted diseases and infections and HIV.

How are you growing the impact of your organization or initiative?
Please select up to three potential pathways in order of relevancy to you.


Enhanced existing impact through addition of complementary services


Influenced other organizations and institutions through the spread of best practices


Please describe which of your growth activities are current or planned for the immediate future.

We plan on helping CHP expand the scope of its services both in the locations it already work in and around the rest of VIetnam. Also, because of our outreach at Oberlin, we hope to inspire students here and at other colleges to get involved in combatting global health issues.

Do you collaborate with any of the following: (Check all that apply)

NGOs/Nonprofits, Academia/universities.

If yes, how have these collaborations helped your innovation to succeed?

Our partnerships with CHP and GlobeMed form the foundation of our organization (see above for more details). Our partnership with Oberlin College and its professors has lent us experience and support in our global health endeavors. Having professors on hand gives us the opportunity to ask questions, bounce ideas, and receive support from experienced professionals.